July 31, 2010

The IF Devil is Back

So, one minute I'm fine, and the next thing I know the damn IF devil is back. She's haunting me. I'm way too excited and happy, so part of me thinks that everything is just too good to be true. I blame my thoughts on too much Googleing and too many message boards. I also blame the RE's office for not doing betas on a weekend. I am very aware that worrying does not do anything for the body, but I think many IF girls can relate. Two years of big fat negatives really start to weigh-in on the mind.

Ugh, that was so depressing. I know the point of my blog is to help others along the way, but the blog is kind of like a journal for me. I've noticed that getting my honest feelings out has really helped me to lift some of the burden off.

Well, it's after 11pm so I should go to sleep. I'll hope for another good night of rest and I will def be POAS in the morning.


Christina said...

YOu're right- it sucks- infertility totally robs us IF girls of the ability to just enjoy the fact that we ARE pregnant once it happens. Automatically the next worry jumps on board and pesters us. Boo! But hey, better to be stressed because of reasons surrounding pregnancy than being stressed if you can even get pregnant, right? AHHH You are pregnant!!!!! I love it- so exciting! xoxo

BBColt78 said...

Good point :)