February 25, 2014

Half Baked and Level 2- MFM Ultrasound

Holy friggen crap, I'm half baked. Well, as of a week ago :) The time has really picked up and is just flying by. After our elective ultrasound I've been shopping away picking clothes for baby girl.

This week I had my 20 scan, which is a level two high risk scan at Maternal Fetal Medicine. My OB tends to send IVF patients to the MFM for extra scans just to be cautious, but also this time around I'm 35. Well, they thought I was 35. . .

So I get called back into the office at the MFM and the nurse asks me a ton of questions. I remember this from B's pregnancy. They want to know how healthy you are, if you have a safe home, and if anyone in your family has had an issue with birth defects. As she's reading the questions she says, "Well you are 35 and your egg donor was 32." Um, what? I tell her that there was no egg donor and that I'm carrying my own eggs that were in fact retrieved when I was 32. She then says it's confusing and moves on. OK!!!!!!! Holy shit! I'm at a high-risk appointment and she's confused by the simplicity of a frozen transfer? I actually didn't care, but wished I had a few minutes to school her on some information that would make her seem a little less insensitive. I didn't care though, I don't expect people to understand.

So I get my ultrasound and everything looks great. I will say I was a NERVOUS wreck. Gah! Seriously? Every measurement the tech made I watched the corner of the screen to make sure that the measurement registered around 20 weeks. Luckily, they all did. The tech had a really, really hard time get the heart measurements that she needed. She eventually gave up and told me that she was frustrated, but the doctor will have no problem getting it.

The doctor came in and remeasured everything. All of the measurements were perfect and once again, the MFM office calls me "boring," which I love. But then, the doctor tries to calculate my age and is all confused by me being 35 and the donor being 32. Um, ok, here we go again. So, I kindly explain to him that one can freeze her own eggs and use them later. Literally, it was hysterical.

After my appointment I literally walked across the hall to my OB appointment where the doctor was excited about my MFM scan and how boring they thought I was. He laughed when I explained the egg donor and age cluster to him. He told me I "threw a wrench in their day." Ha!

Well, well, well. . . Here is what you get dear reader:

18 weeks

19 Weeks

20 and 21 weeks!

February 8, 2014

***BIG Update*****

Last week I had a regular checkup and things looked good. The OB gave me another ultrasound (#7). I don't ask why, I just enjoy. The baby was transverse and moving all over. The transverse explains my sideways bump and not really "up and down" bump. Baby was kicking and moving all over! So cute.

So, in two weeks I have my MFM level two scan which will also tell the gender. We did not find out with Brooklyn and I loved that very much. This time around Mr. LTM wants to find out and I don't. What a pain. After thinking about it for a while I felt like I needed to give in because we've already experienced it "my" way. So a few days ago I decided to book an elective ultrasound at a botique. Mr. LTM will be out of town for my MFM gender scan and though it will be ultrasound #8, he hasn't been to one. It made sense to book an elective and keep it a secret. This would allow him to find out the sex and experience an ultrasound.

So this morning we drive to our surprise. I was very nervous. First because I hadn't convinced myself that finding out was even a good idea, but also because I was worried he changed his mind and now I have a $100 ultrasound that I'm only doing for him. When we pulled into the parking lot, I told him that we were having a surprise ultrasound to find out the sex because I know he wanted to. He looks at me and says, "I don't want to find out because you don't." Insert pregnancy tears because I started crying. Now he doesn't want to know and didn't tell me? What the hell? Why are we on such different pages?

I finally calmed myself so we could talk. We decided to get the ultrasound anyway. So we head up to the office and sit down for our appointment. All of the sudden I'm bawling my eyes out again. Deep down, I feel I didn't want to find out so it was emotional. Mr. LTM was feeling so bad and covered for me as I went to the restroom to compose myself. Finally I got myself together and went back to the waiting room. I told him that we should have the tech write it down for us so it doesn't consume our appointment. After all, we wanted to see the baby and not focus on the sex.

The ultrasound was great and the tech was great too. She laughed with us as we told her we wanted it written down. After 25 seconds of scanning she smiles and says, "I know what you are having!" Right then Mr. LTM was convinced it had to be a boy. How else could she know so quickly. He joked the whole time about it being a boy and this tech didn't crack once. She was really fun.

Before we left she gave us a DVD and extra pictures on a CD for free. Now we have a video of our new baby! When we checked out she wrote the sex down on a post it and stapled inside other sheets of paper. I swear it had 75 staples.

Mr. LTM and I drove for about 10 minutes as he explains that it has to be a boy and he can see on the pictures it's a boy. As he's driving we decide I will rip the paper open to find out! So I begin tearing the paper and getting staples stuck in my fingers. Finally the Post-It shows and so does the note...

It's a girl!

Horray! Miss B will have a sister to grow up with! Mr. LTM admits he was glad it was a girl. Having one of each is great, but he admitted to loving having just girls. I too am over the moon. Of course I would have been excited too with a boy, but I'm not a "one of each" person. I'm glad that my girl will have a sister as a friend.

What a fab day!