August 28, 2011

And, I'm Working

Tomorrow will begin my first full week of school. I'm telling you, this working mom stuff is hard. I know stay at home moms work just as hard, but this is rough. I don't mind the actual working part. As I've said, I love teaching and the kids are too cute. I already have gotten many "you are pretty" comments and "you are the best teacher I've ever had." Yes it has only been 2.5 days but I teach third graders and that's the way they roll. On Friday I got a ring from a little girl and most kids are hugging me on the way out the door at the end of the day. You can't beat this job.

So, our morning starts at 5:30. Not too shabby. I get up and get myself all ready. If Brooklyn wakes before her 6:30a feed, Mr. LTM is on duty. At 6:30 I wake and change Miss B. Then she gets her morning bottle and it's out the door we go. In hand I tote my binder for our nannysitter, my lunch, my diaper bag and my school stuff. Each morning Miss B travels in her pjs. :) Can I just say, she is a great morning travel buddy! I love watching her in my car mirror. She looks all around and plays with her toys I give her. She says not a peep. Sometimes if I talk to her she can see me in the mirror and she just laughs and laughs. Once in a while she takes a quick nap. As I've said, she stays about three doors down from my school, so this is a great thing we have going.

At about 7:45 I drop her off at said nannysitter's. I take her in inside and get her out of her seat. I have a tiny chat with the nannysitter's kids before they come to school and off I go. I drive the .1 miles to my school were I'm practically running in the door to get things prepared. I now arrive an HOUR later than the past nine years. Yes, a full hour. So, my free time at school has to be used wisely!

School ends at 2:40pm and I work my ass off to get things ready for the next day. Because we only have Brooklyn for about two hours before she goes to bed, I don't want to take too much home with me. At 3:50pm I jump in the car and drive over to get Brooklyn. Again, I chat for a few and off we head home. When we get in the door, it's playtime! This is probably my favorite part of the day! At around 6:00pm we do bath, bottle and nighty night. Mr. LTM does the last bottle while I gather my clothes and Brooklyn's clothes for the next day. Everything from socks to the car seat is laid out to make the next morning as simple as possible.

Some days are harder than others. Each day I thank my lucky stars that I put myself through years of education to be a teacher. Not only do I love the job, but it gives me breaks and summers with my baby. Sometimes that keeps me going each day :)

August 18, 2011

We're On Our Own

Well, Miss B and I are on our four night vacation together at home. Mr. Later Than Most is away with some friends for four days. So far, we're doing well. Um, well not including the random rash she has and now we have to go to the pediatrician. I noticed it on Monday, but I thought it was still the newborn rash she used to get when she cried. Then last night I noticed it had gotten worse. So after 10 minutes on the phone with the triage nurse, she decided Brooklyn needed to come in today. Well, of course you know that when she woke up, the rash looks so much better and now I don't know if we should go in or not. Oh the fun!

Today is D day for my sister in law. She's having her baby via induction as she's a week late. Pretty random for someone who was in preterm labor at 26 weeks. Her baby had the little lung shots and everything. Now, she's overdue and getting induced. I think I've come to terms with her "random miracle pregnancy." You know, she was "only off the pill for 6 weeks." That's the claim to fame. Why do I care any way? Damn infertility. You just don't get over some stuff.

Speaking of, my IUI with injectables friend is almost ready to see if she's pregnant again. She text me from Babies R Us saying how there were a bunch of pregnant bitches there. LOL. I told her that the pregnant bitches still bother me too and I already have my baby. I've got everything crossed for her.

Tomorrow is my last official day of maternity leave. I cannot believe it. I'd rather sit here and cry about it all day but that won't be very productive. B is going to be very close and I do love teaching. I cannot believe I've been home for almost five months. I enjoyed it very much!

August 13, 2011

The Cereal Diaries

At our fourth month check-up for Miss B, the doctor said to start giving her cereal. I can't believe my little baby is read to eat from a spoon. I really don't always listen to what the doctor tells me. I mean, she has her own opinions and her own kids. To me, she's just another piece of the information puzzle and I have to make the decisions. Yes I know Mr. Later Than Most exists too, but really? Do you think he's read any baby feeding books lately? I don't think so!

I have to admit, running to Target to buy cereal was fun. I'm not going to lie, I had been stalking the food aisle for babies for quite a while. Just another way for me to get more prepared. I went and picked out oatmeal cereal for Miss B. I'd like to say that was my idea but I'm just copying what S is giving to her girls! Tee hee. So I got the cereal, looked at baby food, and headed on our way to S's house where the plan was to give B some cereal. Low and behold, Miss B did okay. She opened her mouth once or twice and seemed to get some down. After about the third try, she cried so we decided it was time to stop. Probably a good idea!

Two days later I was at home and decided to set everything up. I got her bib, burp rag and spoon all ready. I had a genius idea to give her the cereal before her bottle! This way she'd be hungry and interested. I also got the video recorder out so I could remember this fine moment. Well, Miss B was a cereal star! She was smiling and kicking all over. Each time the spoon went to her mouth, she went crazy and wanted more. I ended up feeding her the entire serving! I was so excited at my success, until I gave her the bottle and she stopped eating after 4oz instead of 6oz. Whoops. Mommy fail.

Today I got her morning bottle all ready and the cereal all ready. I planned on giving her the bottle and then moving to the cereal. I figured since she had such a successful cereal day two days ago that today would go well. She should remember, right? Well, bottle down and it was cereal "go time." She watched the spoon come toward her mouth and. . . nada. In fact, I could swear she tightened her lips together. I tried again and nothing. So, I shall try it again when she wakes from her nap. Again, before the bottle. I'm telling you, kids truly need to come with directions. If S and I read one more feeding book, I don't know what I'll do.

Ugh, I could almost die that I have to go back to work this week. Miss B does fine at her nannysitter (nanny in the nanny's home). But Brooklyn and I are buddies, and I know I'm going to have a hard time getting back into the classroom. The good thing is that teaching doesn't even allow you time to pee, let alone time to think about your little baby that's with another caregiver.

Miss B is awake now and the cereal diaries shall continue.

August 8, 2011

Miss Brooklyn and Baby Number 2!

Yes I totally just tricked you by my title. You see, I haven't posted in a while and I still want you to keep coming back. I know I've been bad and have not updated!

So the baby #2 is not because I have performed a infertility miracle and got pregnant by magic, it's because I did pay for our frozen babies to stay frozen for another year! Some days I think we are crazy but we do talk about number two and maybe, just maybe using one frozen embie next summer to see what happens. That would make Miss B and number 2, two years apart. That whole thing can change tomorrow though.

Today Miss Brooklyn is 4 months old! Oh my, I could just cry. She is getting so big. I'm not just saying this because she's mine, but she is SUCH a good baby. She is always in a happy mood, always smiling, and never complaining about anything. We are so lucky!

Miss B had her 4 month appointment today! She weighs 13 pounds and 5 oz which is the 44%ile. Her birth weight was 7 pounds and 5 oz so she has almost doubled. Her height at two months was 23 3/4 inches and now shes 25 inches which is the 79%ile. The doctors said that she is doing great and checks out perfectly. We are so blessed. Now I don't want to mislead you that I have a perfect baby because she does have a tiny bit of cradle cap. Actually, the doctor said she could not see it but could feel the patch on her head in a little spot!

As crazy as it seems, she said I can start Brooklyn on rice cereal! I'm not ready for this madness! A spoon? People, she's 4 months old. Why don't we just rush her off to college for Pete's sake. I don't know if I'm ready for this, but if she is then fine. Tomorrow we are going to S's for a visit and we may try the cereal there. She just started it with her twin girls so she has some experience!

On a sad note, I have to start going to work to set up my classroom next week. Yes, my long break of being a stay at home mom is over. I did enjoy it though. Okay I'm lying. The beginning sucked and I wanted to drive off a cliff. I was so bored, but Brooklyn finally because interactive we are buddies :) Luckily, she'll be two houses down from where I'm working and I can keep my eye on her :)

On the friend front, I still have one friend IRL waiting for her baby. She did an IUI injectable cycle and it failed. I hate it. She's going through that really rough patch where she thinks she'll never be a mom and everything is bound to fail. Many of us have been there. I'm doing my best to keep her motivated and not so down. I know this is going to work for her. Did I mention that I sent her to my RE? I really believe in that guy so I know it'll all work out. I'll keep you posted!