July 7, 2010

Phone Calls, Phone Calls!

Warning: This will be confusing, but you'll get the point.

As previously mentioned, my Follistim injection was increased after my last baseline. My Estradiol was 216, which is a little lower than they wanted. So, now I will take 200iu of Follistim as opposed to 150iu per day. Anyone going through IVF knows that the cardinal rule of the RE is you m
ust be responsible for your own meds. It is an IVF no-no to run out of meds, so your ass better pay attention to what's left. Oh, and you'll need at least a high school education to calculate what you have used, what you may need, and how many refills are left. So, yesterday I realized that I should probably call my IVF nurse and tell her that she needs to call in a refill on the Follistim. Oh, I need to talk about IVF nurses one day too! But this story first. So, all I need is a little more Follistim. Here's how it goes down:

The IVF nurse needs to call my insurance. This is the fertility division and it has a separate name. So, I have BCBS HMO and Wynn takes care of fertility. I wait for Wynn to call and confirm. Well, today I still have no call and no call from Walgreens. Walgreens does the shipping and co-pays. So, this morning I call Walgreens. They said they don't have it and neither does Wynn. Okay, no problem. The IVF nurse is probably busy, I'll give her until 10am to call it in. Mind you, t
his was to be done yesterday. 10am, no call. I call the RE and leave a message for the IVF nurse.

One hour later, Wynn calls. No problem, they'll get the new Follistim refilled. They only want to give me four days worth though. They are obviously real conservative as this is like liquid gold to IF patients, but hello? I'll be calling again in a four days if my body is not ready for retrieval. Oh well, I figure I'll just take the four days. So she tells me to wait for Walgreens to call and confirm delivery. So, I wait and wait. No call. I call them. Walgreens tells me that the doctors office didn't fill something out right. Great! So, I call them. Now the IVF nurse realizes her mistake. Something about writing the wrong iu's (see math is very important!). Okay, now Walgreens calls me back to schedule a delivery that I won't be home for! Sweet! I ask her what I should do if I won't be home. She tells me I need to send it to someone else I
know. So, now I let the injectable hormones take over. I tell her, "Um, what do you do if you have no one?" Yea, I have family I tell her. Geez, do I have to explain to her that we aren't telling family so they aren't let down? Or we don't want to answer 45,000 questions everyday? Anywho, now they will be shipped to FedEx and I will pick it up there. When Walgreen's and I hang up, Wynn calls to see if Walgreens called. The cherry on top was when the IVF Nurse called to see if Wynn called. So, from 8am to 5pm (and nine calls later), I earned myself one cartridge of 900iu of Follistim. That shit better work!

That reminds me, time to shoot-up.

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