May 18, 2014

Time is Flying

How has it been a month already? Work has kept me so busy. I'm not going to lie, I spend a lot of time shopping at night on my computer too. You'd think I'd just open Blogger and do an update.

Well, I have had a few appointments since my last post and low and behold, this Baby is still transverse. She literally is in the same position as she was at 16 weeks. I'm not worried about it. If she flips great. If not, then not. Many girls have told me to try different things to flip baby, but I'm kinda just  going to see what happens. I'm not trying to be lazy, but after my SIL experienced an awful birth, I'm fine if I have to have a c-section for this one. Not a popular opinion I know, but that's what it is.

At my MFM appointment they called me boring and dismissed me from their care:) Baby was weighing  a little over three pounds at that point (29 weeks) and everything looked great. After my MFM I went over to my first NST at my OB's office. I spend thirty minutes hooked to the contraction monitor and everything looked good too. It was a long appointment but I enjoyed the time on my phone while I browsed the internet.

Since then I have had another regular OB appointment. Starting this week I go to my OB every week for NSTs and regular checkups. You gotta love being 36. I've brought Miss B to several appointments too and she doesn't mind them. Every time though she does say, "They aren't going to work on me, right?" Ha!

So, I've been feeling pretty good for the most part. I'm lucky to be sleeping total normal still and only getting up once for a bathroom break, sometimes twice. At last check I'm up 19 pounds. That's how much I gained total with Miss B. I guess all of that ice cream and shakes really starts adding up. Either way, I'm enjoying them so I'll work really hard when this baby is born!

Today Brooklyn went to a sibling class at the hospital. They talked the kids (aged 3-6) about new babies and showed pictures of newborns. They even gave them a tour of the mother-baby unit. Brooklyn was a deer in the headlights for some parts and excited for others. At the class they said that your child will most likely act the same way he or she does now around babies. Luckily Brooklyn seems to enjoy little babies, so hopefully she stays that way.

On the shopping front.... yea, I've bought quite a bit! Well, I have my new double stroller all ready. I have my City Mini GT Double all set and I'm excited to use it. Brooklyn was very clear that she does not plan on walking because there is a new baby, so I made sure to get a double. I'll also keep my single so I have one ready for walks alone or what not. Let's see... I've also bought two new baby carriers this time around. I do have a Moby and an Ergo from when B was little. This time I bought a Baby K'Tan. I'm hoping to save myself from all of the fabric from the Moby. If the K'Tan works, I'll sell my Moby. I still love my Ergo so I'm keeping that. I have the newborn insert too but everyone says it's really hot. Then today I purchased my first ever ring sling from Sleeping Baby Productions. I'm so excited. Some girls on the Attachment Parenting board recommended that site. As I began to Google, I noticed that many people new about Sleeping Baby Productions. I'm for sure planning on wearing this baby a lot. I wore B quite a bit too, but not as much as I will this time. If my baby wearing works out, I'm already planning to buy a woven wrap from Little Frog. See, I kinda shop too much huh?

Here are some bump pictures!
30 Weeks

32 Weeks