August 23, 2014

6 Weeks PP

Survival mode!! As of yesterday I am six weeks postpartum! I even got to go to my doctor check up yesterday. I say that with excitement because when you have two kids, even going to the doctor by yourself is an amazing experience. It's always weird going back to the doctor after you have a baby. You spent so much time getting weighed and checked... going without the big belly is really strange. I've always been that infertile girl who takes a lot of time to get over not being pregnant anymore. Being in the office and seeing other pregnant bellies actually makes me jealous. I'm psycho.

The good news is that I got great reviews from my doctor and I'm all healed! He asked me if we had any frozen embryos left. I laughed and I told him that we were to kid people… Two and done. I mean, I am going to be 37 and that's getting up there. My doctor told me I was crazy for thinking that I'm getting too old and that he really thought I should have one more. The weird thing about it is, I like this doctor so much that he can probably convince me to have one more. See? Psycho!

Brielle turned six weeks yesterday. It has been an interesting journey. Brooklyn seems to be well-adjusted now to the change. That was definitely difficult for all of us. 

Brielle is not the angel baby Brooklyn was, but we knew that was going to happen all along. We spend a lot of time trying to figure out what baby Brielle likes. One thing she doesn't like is napping. One thing she does like is crying. She's as cute as a button though :)

It's fun to hear Brooklyn talk about her little sister. She really wants to be like Anna and Elsa in Frozen. Sometimes if she's getting a new toy, she'll ask for two of them so she can save one for her little sissy. So cute!

I weighed Brielle yesterday and she weighed exactly 10 pounds. She's still wearing mostly newborn everything. She's smiling quite a bit and I'm waiting to hear her "talk." I know in the next month or so her little personality will start to shine through!

School starts in two days. It's very weird not starting on time. Right now we are also in the Baby phase where we can't get out and do much. Brooklyn starts preschool this week as well. It's going to be an interesting week. I'm very excited for her but cannot believe how big she's getting. I went back to my blogs and read about Brooklyn when she was around Brielle's current age. Right around this time is when I started calling Brooklyn my little buddy. I am definitely going to miss my little buddy as she heads off to preschool this week.💜 her to pieces!

Even though it's hard handling two kids right now, we know the reason is because it's new. Either way, I'm the luckiest person in the world To have two little girls:)