January 23, 2014

16 Weeks + Bump Pics

Ok, here I am! Wow, have I been that busy? Um no, it just took me forever to update. I haven't had any doctor's appointments lately and my next is not until January 27th for my regular OB checkup.

Each day I'm thankful that I have my own fetal heart monitor. The infertile mind never goes away and I check on that little baby every other day. I try not to do it too much but I know that I need to do it so I can be sane. I would say now-a-days it takes me about a minute or less to find the heartbeat and turn the monitor off. It's a great reassurance.

I feel really good now that I'm in the second tri. I have felt some movements the past two weeks, but they are really every few days. It also catches me off guard and I'm all, "Was that movement?" By the time I figure it out, it's gone! Hoping to feel the good stuff too.

At this point we've announced to everyone, including my third graders. I'm surprised they haven't asked me why I'm always out of breath during lessons!

Here is a few bump pictures to keep you entertained. Brooklyn does a great job!
12 Weeks

13 Weeks
14 Weeks
15 Weeks
16 Weeks
And yes I chopped my head-off on purpose. Gotta be internet safe!

January 14, 2014

A Week Without Check-ups

Man! By 13 weeks along I had 6 ultrasounds. Now. . . crickets. No appointments, nothing! Still have have stuff to say, lucky for you!

ASS SHOTS- all done! Yes, I made it about 14 weeks of doing ass shots almost every day. I'm not going to lie; my ass is in bad shape. Lumps, bumps, bruises and those holes itch! I've been done for a week now and I feel like I'm getting my life back!

NT Results- Remember that bitchy tech? Man, I'm still pissed at her. Anywho- they told me I would get my scan results in about 5 days. Well, we had some horribly cold weather, and New Year's Day was in there too. I waited two weeks and decided to call the MFMs office. Boy, were they surprised to hear from me. I called on January 13th and the nurse at the MFM told me that my OBs office has had my results since December 30. Um, come again? No one called me. Gah! That damn OB nurse is going to get an ear-full when I go in. This is the SECOND time they haven't called me with something. The good news is that my NT was great, great, great. DS risk was almost 1:9000 and Trisomy was 1:10,000. Good news all around.

Gender- I keep going back and fourth but I'm very, very sure that this is my final decision. . . TEAM GREEN. Sorry bitches, I don't want to find out!

January 5, 2014

Week 13: Checkup

On Friday I had my second OB appointment. All looked good. I seem to be up 2lbs total since the beginning (for sure all ice cream). I was wondering if the doctor would use the doppler or not to find the heartbeat but he didn't. He went straight to ultrasound! If you are counting, I'm 13 weeks and I've had 6 ultrasounds. It's almost a little embarrassing. Either way, who doesn't want to see their baby on an ultrasound. Baby was so cute again. Sleep away and then rolled over to face his/her back to us. The doctor was laughing. The heartbeat came in at 160 on the ultrasound.

I'm still waiting on my NT scan results. After some lurking on my birth month board, it seems my ultrasound results were normal. I should get my blood test results back this week.

We still are undecided as to find out the baby's sex. Now I'm leaning toward yes. My main reason is I feel like it will help Brooklyn know what to expect. She's old enough and would easily appreciate knowing if she will have a brother or a sister. We have not told her the news yet, but we keep asking her questions. This is what we get from her:

*She knows that newborns cry. She told me they cry because they don't speak words.

* When I asked her what she would do with a newborn baby she told me she would just "snuggle" them.

* In a conversation on where we would put a baby in this small house, her idea was a baby could share a room with her! Her words, "Then it would be like a sleepover every night."

Finally when asked if she wants a brother or a sister, her answers never changes. She wants a brother AND a sister. Um.... you are only getting one little lady! LOL

My level two and gender scan is schedule for February 21st with my next doctor appointment being January 27.

I HAVE ONLY THREE ASS SHOTS LEFT!!!! My ass is killing me, but I can handle three!