July 1, 2010

DH Didn't Go For It

This weekend is a family weekend for sure. We are driving four hours to hang out with Mr. Later Than Most's family. He'll have at least four family members staying where we are staying, and more family in and out. So of course, I'm starting to stim tomorrow. Our families don't have any info on our IVF or TTC, so we're kinda hiding everything. I really don't suggest that, but it's just the way we are doing things.

So today I emailed MH and asked him what he thought about telling his mom. I told him I would feel a little more comfortable if they knew, as we will be smuggling drugs into the house and fridge. Well, he didn't go for it. He said there would be no point in telling them if it "doesn't work." Hmmmmm, I'm rather sure if this was the other way around and he was stimming, he would probably understand better. That's what is hard about all of this IF stuff. Us girls have to do a lot more than the guys, therefore they are no as vested. I'm not saying MH is not vested, he is. He always asks me how the injections went and is ready to mix stims and shoot me up, however, it's still not the same as going through it yourself.

Needless to say, the weekend should be interesting. We travel to a rural area, so Internet, blogs, and my social networking sites are out of the picture. I'm praying that my hormone injections do not get the best of my mood this weekend.

On the IVF front, I went in for my baseline BW and ultrasound today. I gotta say, I've had internal ultrasounds 3 times and I'm just not a fan. It's a little uncomfortable! The bloodwork I don't mind. My RE's office is huge, so I have a voicemail box at the office. I am to call-in to my messages after 2pm and instructions will be left. They'll tell me how many units and when to start stimming (which should be tomorrow). Also, they'll tell me when to book my next appointment. In addition, on Day 1 of stims I'll add antibiotics and baby aspirin to the mix. If you are keeping track of the meds, that makes 5 pills a day and 2 injections. If MH can't get the injections mixed right, then three injections. Let's pray he knows what he's doing!

Happy 4th!

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Christina Falkenstein said...

<3 You!!!! I'm always here by text, or call! As a matter of fact I was just thinking I don't know what your voice even sounds like! Weird, weird I know, but I always wonder how people "sound." hahaha! Anyhow, good luck smuggling your drugs and text or call me even if it's to scream or send pictures of you hanging yourself! (pretend only of course!) Oh and one last thing, Colby SERIOUSLY did you say, "if it doesn't work?!?!!?!" I'm kicking your butt if I ever see you b/c it is working. Period. End of story! k-bye!! :-)

BBColt78 said...

Ha ha! I was thinking the same thing! I know he doesn't want to get his hopes up. Damn IF, always making people negative!