December 25, 2011

Christmas With B

Again the time continues to fly by and I have no idea how. I'm currently on my two-week Winter break from school, and Brooklyn and I have been busy!

Well, Christmas has kept us busy! We've been to the mall several times with S and her twins to do some holiday shopping. Brooklyn did get a picture with Santa and it actually turned out really well. I had ordered Christopher Pop-in-kins (copied S) and Brooklyn was trying to find him each morning. It's amazing how smart a little baby can be.

With our shopping all done, Brooklyn and I have enjoyed some playing time. She's just about crawling, but not too fast which is fine with me! She can do about three crawls and then goes to an army crawl. She is bound and determined to get whatever she is crawling after. Yesterday Mr. Late Than Most's mom commented on how Brooklyn never sits still and is always "on the go." That comment scared the bejesus out of me and I'm not looking forward to the day this little one just goes and goes! We really need to Brooklyn proof this house!

Speaking of house, ours is very small. We totally hate it but what can you do? This economy is not good so selling is not an option. We recently made our dining room into a playroom for B. It's kind of random, but it's a good place for her to practice her crawling and indulge in all of her toys!

As you can see by the post, today is Christmas! Brooklyn's first Christmas! I hate to be a Grinch, but we've been driving all over Illinois the past three days and it's kind of annoying. Brooklyn is in bed and we've not even had our own Christmas with her. She didn't even leave cookies for Santa! Gah! So tomorrow she'll be opening her presents from us. Believe it or not, she does already enjoy opening presents! She says, "Ohhhhh!" and "Ooooooooh!" Kinda cute!

On the infertility front, all of my friends are finally pregnant or have babies!!!! My last girlfriend did IVF at my RE office and she just found out on Thursday that it worked! In fact, her beta was very, very large so I'm thinking twins for sure. Another friend of mine had her little boy a few weeks ago. He's a little preemie, but she finally has her baby. I'm so, so glad for everyone!