July 21, 2010

Let the Symptoms Begin!

Today I'm 2dp5dt (two days past five day transfer). I'm not allowed to Google anything, (per Heather) so I'm just taking in all the symptoms and noting them mentally. Now, if you've never had the honor of TTC for a long time or being an IF, then you cannot fully appreciate what we do. We are a breed of our own. So, in the two week wait, we analyze EVERY thing that happens in our bodies. Then, after the symptoms are noted, we Google the crap out of the symptoms. The hope is that you can find some girl in the World, within the past 5-10 years, who has those symptoms and got her long awaited BFP (big fat positive). So ladies, it's no joke, here are my symptoms:

  • Some cramping on 1dp5dt. Now, I happen to know this is a good sign. Fertility Friend is a chart making service for TTC and pregnancy, and I stalk the IVF charts there. It's on about 90% of positive IVF charts. Although, last year I had two cycles of triphasic morning temperatures on Fertility Friend, and all TTC girls know that triphasic temps are supposed to pretty much guarantee pregnancy. Hmmmm, that didn't pan out, did it?
  • I've had the randomest hiccups. They just come and not when I'm eating. Hahahaha- TOTALLY A SIGN. Hahahaha
  • Today my right eyebrow is ticking like crazy. Sometimes I'm holding my hand on it so it quits annoying me.
  • I texted Heather on this one (she Googles for me and I Google for her), I was having a hard time catching my breath. Sure it's 94 degrees today with about 90% humidity, but what makes more sense? The weather, or an obvious pregnancy?
  • I got up to pee about twice an hour last night. Boy, that led to a sleepless night!
  • Yesterday I was dizzy on an off.
  • I feel like I need a nap!
As you can see, these are all VERY promising signs that I'm Totes Preggo! Actually, the sad thing is that I take Endometrium three times a day, and the side effects literally say "pregnancy symptoms." Hmmmmm, but I can sit and ponder over the eyebrow thing, that's for sure!

Sarcastic? Yes. Crazy? Just a tad.


Heather said...

LOVE the eyebrow symptom!! That just HAS to be a sign!! I just know that you are going to get a fab beta # back next week....question is: double rainbow?? hmmmmmm........

BBColt78 said...

Double Rainbow!!!!! It's too much!