July 6, 2010

There You Are, Hormones!

I was actually getting worried that these injections were having no effect on me. I mean, I know I go to get the ute cam and they tell me how many follies I have, but seriously, I was feeling nothing! Enter today. . . I noticed some real up and down emotions coming along. I think Mr. Later Than Most could stick his tongue out at me and I would probably cry. Luckily, I've learned to count by 10's during movies, commercials, and other things that make me sad. Counting by 10's is not only great for my students, but also a great emotion distraction.

Now, these dreams have to be part of the side effects. Last night I had a dream that Mr. Later Than Most met a new girl, divorced me, and then never talked to me again. Boy was I pissed at him when I woke up. Also, I remember some random dream the other day about swimming in some big, dangerous water park. I mean seriously, a water park?

My favorite part of hormones is the hot flashes. They were much worse when I was on 10iu of Lupron. Now that I'm on 5, they don't come as often. Nothing like going through a fake change-of-life.

Last night I really did myself in. Right before my night stims I put an icepack on my stomach. It worked like a charm the night before. Well, I left it on too long (about 5 minutes) and literally burned my stomach. Let's put it this way. . . the top layer of skin was as hard as a rock. I actually thought a layer of ice pack was stuck to my skin. I think Mr. Later Than Most was really pissed at me. He thought I had frost burn. Funny as it sounds, I still have a huge, red icepack outline 24 hours later. So, not only did I not get to use my icepack today, but I had to put that damn needle through the burn. Oh, and my stomach looks like a dartboard. Good times! Today when I went to acupuncture, I was really wanting to hug all of those little needles he puts in. They are nothing compared to this nightly fun. You know, if I count it all, I've had 20 needles just today. . . of course that includes the acupuncture.

I gotta say, going through all of this is really manageable. I try as much as possible to stay as positive as I can. Each day, is another day. I'm very grateful for all of my IF friends who keep me going!

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