January 16, 2012

The big 9

Ahhh, she's nine months old. Nine months and full of what we call, "Brookitude!" She is an independent as they come and has a mind all of her own. She's one of those babies that will keep crawling over to something that you've said no to about ten times. Did I mention she's crawling?

Let's see what's new with B. Well, her nine month check up went great! She is weighing in at 17lb7oz which is the 38%ile. She's in the 94%ile for height and she's 29 inches long. She's one tall girl! The crawling started about two days after Christmas. She was getting up on her knees and then just plopping to her stomach and then one day, she just started crawling! Now she's rather fast and get's into whatever she can!

About two weeks after the crawling her first tooth came in. I knew it was coming because she was CRAB-BY! Ha! Pretty much she was not being herself for an entire weekend. I'm afraid that she'll be getting another one in the next day or so because she's kinda acting the same way! Oh, and the amount of drool is crazy!

Miss B is social butterfly for sure. The doctor was surprised to know that she says many words already. She knows and says the regular dada and baba at the right times. She also says: hi, bye, woof-woof-, dance and bug. I have to admit. . . her "dance" sounds like "DAN" and her bug is more "BU." Either way, we know what she's saying.

As the doctor said, this one is a "pistol." Hence crawling repeatedly to something that we've just said "no" to. Our favorite is as you are telling her no, she shakes her head no and then does that thing anyway. Mr. Later Than Most and I laugh at the sight of that each day. It's too cute!

I hate to admit that I've already ordered Brooklyn's birthday party invitations. Can you believe it? We are all set and booked to have her party at Gymboree Play and Music. I'm excited that I found a place. Our house is way too small so I'm so glad to go somewhere. It looks like we are doing a bumble bee theme which I'm very, very excited about! Ha!

I hope this update finds all of my blogging friends well :)