August 2, 2010

Beta #2

What a day this was. I thought for sure I would handle today pretty well, however, the wait was just killing me. My beta draw was at 8:30am. I made sure to ask the blood tech if she had my cell on file and she agreed that they did. So, I kept myself busy with preparing for the upcoming school year. Yes, that is how desperate I was.

Well, 2pm rolled around and I was getting impatient. By 2:30 I thought I was going to throw up. I'm not kidding here. All of a sudden my mind went crazy. I started imagining how the nurse was waiting to call me with bad news. I had visions of Dr. Miller himself calling to tell me how sorry he was. Yes, as you can see, this is my IF Devil at her finest.
At 3pm I decided to call. I would just apologize for my impatience and I knew they would understand. The first time I called I got the office voice mail right away. DAMN IT! I hung up and called back in about 10 minutes. I got a hold of the receptionist, who passed me through to the nurse voicemail instead of the actual nurses. I was frustrated, but I knew the nurses would not leave without calling me back. So, I left a very kind voicemail saying that no one had called me yet, and I just wanted to make sure that I had not been skipped. At about 3:20 the IVF nurse called me back.

Nurse: Hi Melissa!

Me: Hi, how are you?

Nurse: I'm good Melissa. Look, your beta numbers are actually left on your office voicemail.
Me: Oh, I had no idea! No one told me.

Nurse: Yea, after the first positive beta, we just leave you messages with instructions. Me: Okay great! Sorry about that. I really had no clue.

I hung up that phone so fast it's not even funny. I ran into the kitchen looking for my dial-in info for my office voice mail.

"Hi Melissa. This is Patti at Dr. Miller's office. Today is August 2
nd and your levels look good. Your HCG (beta) is at 817 and your progesterone is 101. Make an appointment for your first ultrasound on August 9th and continue to take your baby aspirin, prenatals, and Endometrium three times a day."

HOLY CRAP! 817? I was praying for something around 600. That's a 1.5 day doubling time. I am so relieved and just all around excited. As I keep saying, I'm going to be cautious like any other girl. First trimester is a long time, but I promise, I'll be happy every single minute!


Nicole said...

Yes the 1st tri seems to drag, but once you hit the 2nd, it doesn't seem all that long. I'm truly happy for you girl. You deserve this happiness and I'm so glad that you get to experience this. Hopefully the MS won't be so bad, if it kicks in. Take it easy and drink plenty of water. The 9th will be here before you know it.

Nicole said...

Oh wow and then your anniversary is in 2 days!! You both have alot to celebrate about!!! YAY!!

BBColt78 said...

Thanks Nicole! Yes, it will be a GREAT anniversary!