July 23, 2010

Weekend Break!

First, a shout-out to my 15th follower! Whoo hoo!

Well, here we are at Friday. I have decided to take a blogging break this weekend. This way, I'll have a ton of great stuff to say on Monday! Tonight Mr. Later Than Most is taking me to a movie and for sushi. Ah, you noticed the sushi? Yea, don't worry, he's only letting me get fake rolls and cooked rolls. The rules are pretty strict around here. I'm not even allowed a sip of wine in the Later Than Most household. After two years of TTC, I'm rather used to drinking in the two week wait, however, IVF girls go by "pregnant until proven otherwise," so I have to be good!

This will be a busy weekend, but it will get me closer to my blood test next Thursday. I have been very good and have not POAS. I have promised myself to wait for that blood test. That's going to be a rough day!


Jenny said...

Have a good weekend! I think it's great your playing by the rules ;)

BBColt78 said...