July 16, 2010

Embie Transfer Confirmed!

Before I give my good news, Heather thought I should post a picture of my bloat. I was actually worried that I had OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome). They warn you of this. It small cases it could cause death. Sometimes girls have had to go in and get their ovaries drained. Are you kidding me? Like going through this isn't enough, I'd love nothing more than to have more needles poke my ovs. So, since I have no shame left in this world, you are seeing my bloat pic. That is two days after retrieval.

Speaking of my beautiful embies, the embryology nurse called today and confirmed that I will do a 5 day transfer. This means the embies are doing great and will make it to a five day. So MONDAY is the big day. It's very exciting and of course nerve-wrecking at the same time. I decided I will also take the advice of the IVF team and take two days of bedrest with transfer. So, I'll be holed-up in bed for Monday and Tuesday. Perhaps you can expect a crap load of really unproductive blogs from me!


Heather said...

Soon enough you will be posting actualy preggo pics!!!!!!! Can't wait for those!!

Christina said...

Agree!!!! So exciting!!! Wait my stomach is beginning to stick out that much and it's not from IVF bloat or pregnancy..damn those pity party sweets!!!!