July 27, 2010

He Continues to Test Me

***Follower number 17, WELCOME***

Oh yes, I know the man upstairs has a sense of humor. I'm two days from beta results and 8 days past 5 day transfer. I saw a coworker tonight and she said, "Oh my gosh! Have you lost weight?" Son of a bitch! No other time in my life would I wish she said, "Damn girl, you packed on some pounds!" LOL- You gotta love that I want nothing more than to gain 20 baby pounds and someone thinks I lost weight. Nice!

Today I stayed super busy. I had two sets of classes and hung out with some more coworkers. It was great to stay busy and keep my mind off of things. Every morning I jump up and pee right away so I can't test. It's like a game.

Heather asked me if I'm going to let Mr. Later Than Most take the phone call with the beta results. If I were working, I think I would. But Thursday is my last day of class, so I'm going to take the call myself. I already started worrying about how I will handle bad news. I mean, I know I can do this again several more times, but the disappointment would be unexplainable. Ha, remind me of that comment in about 8 months when I'm complaining about how fat and uncomfortable I will be. Hehehee, DAMN IT! There's the baby bipolar disorder kicking-in again! If you missed that blog, you'll want to look it up!

Oh, and I'm sending lots of sticky dust to Doris, one of my BFF from TWW. She is about 4 days ahead of me in the IVF cycle, and she had a positive beta of 45 on Monday. My beta guess for her is 257 tomorrow ( it needs to double every two days). Good luck Doris!

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Christina said...

Girl, whatever! You are pregnant! I just know it because well, I know everything! muahahaha!!! Also, enough with the follower bragging! I'm totally lame and have a whopping 9, you're making me feel a little like I should paint a big L on my forehead!!!!!!! hahaha! :-)

BBColt78 said...

Um Hello! When I give a shout-out to my followers, I get more! Whoo hoo!