July 26, 2010

Warning. . .

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Waiting for a beta blood test may actually kill you. I think I'm slowly dying because of the wait. I'm over thinking everything and the positivity is about to go right down the flusher. One minute I can be positive and the next minute my little infertility devil comes back to haunt me. Doris and Heather have also agreed to fertility devils as well. Doris said to "smack the hoe." Heather decided she would tie her infertility devil to her car bumper and then drive while dragging her. Then, because Doris lives near Heather, Doris agreed to kick Heather's infertility Devil if she were to drive by. WOW- the three of us sound like a bunch of psychos. Reminder- we are not Satan worshippers. The IF devil sits on your shoulder and brings negativity. You know, like in the movies how characters have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other? Well, the IF Devil tells you bad stuff about getting pregnant. Mine decided to creep up on me yesterday and she is lingering. The way to keep her down is to stay incredibly busy (ha, I accidentally typed "busty" first. I'd love to be "incredibly busty")!

So, my beta is Thursday morning and I'm hoping to stay alive until then. And no. . . I STILL HAVE NOT POAS!

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Anonymous said...

gee.. its not even me and the time is dragging because i WANT you to know the results so badly.. (oh and i want to know too..lol)
Ohhh notlong now
xBens Mum