June 3, 2012

Little Miss Chatterbox

Yes, that's Miss Brookie. Chatting away. We don't know what happened, but within the last week her talking and vocabulary has picked up so much. She was talking away before, but this week has brought a lot of short sentences. Our favorite is "I love you!" which actually comes out "I lula lu." Either way, we know what she is saying and it's just adorable. She is also all about calling the dog lately. The dog is Oakley and Brooklyn can clearly say "Oak!" In fact, her first words in the morning are "Oak" or "That" as she points to what she wants.

Brookie is a daddy's girl anyway you see it. Well, for one they have the same short fuse and temper :) If Brooklyn can't get a toy just right or get a puzzle piece on, one can hear her yelling "bad" at the puzzle or going "UHHHHHHHHHHH!" It's cute now, but who would like this child when she's a teenager? I'm sure it'll get worse then! Either way, when these two drive me crazy with their tempers, I just resort to a little online shopping!

We did finally have Brooklyn's ultrasound done and it all looks good. The doctor mentioned that we needed to rush in at the next fever that wasn't followed by signs of an illness. Memorial day weekend we just about freaked out when she was running a low temp of 100.1. Luckily it went right away so I'd assume her two new teeth were the culprit. Speaking of teeth, she only has 6! I'm using that as an excuse to still feed her baby food with her finger foods!

Brooklyn is almost up and walking. I'm a bad mom because I'm kinda not encouraging the walking! We leave for Disney World in about 10 days and I don't want her walking before then! If she always wants out of her stroller I'll be in so much trouble! After that, she can walk all she wants!

My next blog title shall be "Baby Number Two." No, there was no miracle for this infertility patient :)