April 9, 2014

I'm Ridiculous!

It's really taking me a long time to post! Once I forget to post in a week I kinda hesitate going back to it. There seems to be just too much to say!

Well, shortly after my last post, I ended up in labor and delivery. I actually ended up in labor and delivery for my last pregnancy too, but for completely different reasons. This time it was admitted for dehydration, having the stomach bug, and some major contractions. After having an IV for a while, my contractions team to end. Luckily I was discharged four hours later.

That was a pretty scary experience considering they were preparing me for preterm labor. In my mind I didn't think that's what was occurring, but everything crosses your mind when you're in the situation. That was four weeks ago now and I am doing great!

Since then it's  just been really busy. I'm just about to start going to doctors appointments every two weeks.  Because of my age, I will do the nonstress test every two weeks with a regular OB check up. This past Friday I did my glucose tolerance test so I'm waiting for the results to come back. My doctor also give me an ultrasound on that day.  Everything looked good. He checked for fluids the placenta and baby's  position. He pretty much confirmed what I've known for weeks, the baby is still transverse! I've only been feeling movements in my side so I knew that this was a possibility. I'm looking forward to my MFM ultrasound on April 25!

Ok, now that I've updated, I'll be better at keeping up!

24 Weeks