December 30, 2010

GD Test Details and Another IVF

I still can't make comments on my blog. I have no clue how to fix it! Also, the spell check disappeared! Ha!

Today I went for my gestational diabeties test. I'll give some details for those who still need to do hers or will someday. :)

My test was done out of Quest Diagnostics (lab). I know some doctors do theirs right in the office but mine was a lab order. First, I was told to fast for at least two hours. Well, mine was early in the morning so I just drank water. I got there and they had me drink a small bottle of what tasted like flat, orange soda. I've heard people say that it's really gross but it didn't bother me at all. The only problem was that the darn thing was so cold! They give you 5 minutes to drink it and I gulped mine down in about two. Then, they sent me to the waiting room and said that I must remind them if they don't come to get me in an hour. I was not allowed to leave the building, but it was okay to venture off to the restroom. After an hour, the lab tech came right to get me. They took two vials (small) of blood. One was to check the sugar level and the other was to check my iron levels to see if my anemia is all gone or worse. So, I have a regular OB appointment in a week, and I'll get my results then. The doctor said that the cut off for blood sugar is 134. Anything higher is a "fail" and I'll have to do the three hour test. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I'm not worried about it :)

Well, the other IVF is not for me! Tricked you! For those who have read since the beginning, you've heard me talk about my friend Heather. We met on TWW and have texted every day for at least year. We've also met up a couple of times. Anyway- tomorrow she starts her IVF journey. Her papers and meds are all ready, and tomorrow she starts her shots. I sent her a big IVF care package this week. Inside was chocolate for stress, bookies on IF and IVF, a Hope ornament, and a couple of baby items. One item was a Chicago White Sox onesie and bib. That purchase nearly killed me as I'm a huge Chicago Cubs fan. Also, I sent her a little baby security blanket. When I was TTC, I would not buy baby stuff. It was like a jinx waiting to happen. When I did IVF, all of that changed. I went with the "If you build it, they will come" motto. I bought a couple of baby books and wore a maternity shirt to my transfer. So, I built it for Heather and I know a baby will come for her. Good luck Heather! You can do it!

December 28, 2010

Bump Pics!

The updates will be rolling now as time gets closer and closer to the big day. This little baby got quite a bit for Christmas, which was really fun. Grandma one bought a Lullaby Sound Spa and the AngelCare monitor that we registered for. Grandma two bought a pack 'n play! Right now the dining room is the staging area while I work on clearing out the nursery. If I'm bold enough, I should post a pic of our dining room/baby crap area!

Speaking of purchases, Mr. Later Than Most forgot about his FSA account. So, I had fun on buying a slew of baby medicines and care products. After January first, those badboys won't qualify, but I got everything right on time!

I haven't posted bump pics in a while, so here are a bunch. It's funny when you compare them!


December 23, 2010

A Blog for You

**I'm having trouble commenting on my blog and others. So, I do read your comments, I just can't say anything back!

I'm a regular on My forum type visiting began two years ago when I came across TwoWeekWait. It looks like FaceBook, but it's a pregnancy and trying to conceive community. After being there almost two years, I ventured over to TheBump. I like it because it's a little less puppies and rainbows. Also, it seemed as though all the girls on TWW were getting pregnant, and I was not. I found my main board on TheBump. . . Trouble Trying to Conceive and that's where my addiction began. I've met some great girls. Now, I check in on there and I'm more of a regular on the Pregnant After Infertility board. I love it there. The girls have been through what I have, if not more, and it's nice to know others who've had a similar background.

Anyway- where am I going with this? I frequent random Bump boards and came across a link to a blog. It's about a Bumpie who just found out her little girl (about 3 months old), has a brain tumor. This all just happened within the past week. If you are interested (and I think you will be) check out Butterflies, a blog about little baby Scarlett.

December 20, 2010

Time to Get Some Work Done (Major Pics!!!!)

I can't believe that I'll be 25 weeks this week! My goal is to get this house ready for baby by 32 weeks. I'm sure that's early to some, but that's my goal!

This weekend we went and bought our nursery furniture. Now, I love shopping and anyone who knows me knows that I love to spend money. There are some places, however, where I am kinda cheap. For instance, my wedding. I still had the day of my dreams for under $10,000. We paid for it ourselves and already had our house, so we were not interested in dropping $20,000 on one day. Nursery furniture is my other place that I don't want to spend a ton of money. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally excited and can't wait to have it all prepared, but do I really need to buy a $500 crib? No way man. So, this weekend Mr. Later Than Most and I packed up the car and headed to Ikea. Of course, I already knew everything that I wanted. Thanks to the Baby Bargains book, I picked my crib out a long time ago. The crib was only $130 at Ikea and has great safety ratings. It's solid beech wood and converts to a toddler bed. I actually like it a lot. Mr. Later Than Most and I are very neutral people. It looks like the baby's room will be painted an ivory or cream color. The main colors of furniture will be black and the beechwood color. The curtains will be chocolate brown. It's kind of hard to imagine, but I'll put as many pictures on here as I can.

I may have mentioned before, but I have literally bought mostly everything for the nursery. If you remember, we went with a western type bedding. I've bought the glider which is tan and black. The shag area rug is chocolate, tan and black mix. Wait, this description is getting a little out of control. Pictures may work better!
Ikea CribIkea bookcases Expedit: We will put cloth drawers in these for clothes. One will be placed horizontal and one will be vertical ($69 each). . .

Here are the cloth drawers (we don't have the dresser thing). The drawers are from Menards ($5.95 for two on Black Friday):

Here is the bedding. We got it at ($160 for bedding, mobile $40 at, diaper stacker $17 at

Here is the shelf that matches the crib ($39 at Ikea). I'm going to put the Woody and Jesse dolls on the shelf (Woody doll $21 and Jesse $24 at

Here is the glider. I actually got it used at Once Upon a Child. It's in excellent condition ($80 for glider and ottoman):

This is similar to the area rug we bought. Ours is from Kohls ($80 regularly $200):

These are the wall decorations (decal $10 at Hobby Lobby and stars $11 on I like the saying and the mirrored stars!

These stars will go in a corner of the room ($8 each on I plan to hang them from fish line. I bought two of each color:

These are two western decorations to bring the theme together. They measure about 8 inches. I will put them on one of the black shelves ($8 each). Both are from Hobby Lobby

I bought this pony on a stick to hang from Ikea shelf:

Here are the curtains. I opted for black-out curtains. I bought white sheers to go behind them ($15 a panel and sheers $6 a panel). They are from

I plan to put three of these on a wall. I'm not sure which pictures will go in them yet. They are sold at Micheals Crafts ($8 each):

Here is our crib mattress. It's an organic, foam mattress. It has no coils, but is just as firm. I didn't enjoy laying on it ($105 at!

We just ordered this soother for the crib. I got such a good deal that I had to post it! It sells for $49 at Babies R Us and $39 in Walmart stores. I got it for $19 on A girl on TheBump posted it and I flew to the site to buy one! It has music, lights, and water.

Well, I think that should do it! Even though it took me forever to post all of these pictures, it feels great to have them all in one place. Maybe I should do a future picture-post of all of the gear I want and have!

December 11, 2010

Today Was My Turn!

I've waited a very long time to be able to do a baby registry. I drive past Babies R Us on my way to work everyday, and that drive was challenging over the past few years. At my weakest, I'd turn my head when I passed it. . . thinking I'd never get to go in there.

Well, I HAVE been in there since my IVF success, but today was MY turn to register!!! I know that only one exclamation point is necessary (as I tell my third graders), but I was truly that excited! Being the teacher that I am, I've done weeks and weeks of research on just about every item you could register for. I had lists and lists of things that Mr. Later Than Most and I liked. Today, I took my lists and my mom, and we conquered that Babies R Us! It was fun! I'm glad I knew what I wanted as it could be very difficult to muddle your way through that place! Either way, it's all done and I enjoyed it.

I'm not going to lie, being the internet lover I am, I had to do a registry at too. I love their products and fab prices!

So, two registries it is! Now I'm off to edit them!

December 4, 2010

Went to Labor and Delivery Today

What a day. All I know is I had plans to go and register at BabiesRUs today. Mr. Later Than Most got me up and was ready to go and cut down our Christmas tree. The day was panning out fabulously! We made hot chocolate and headed out to the Christmas tree farm. On the way, Mr. Later Than Most stopped in a parking lot to check-out a new store. The next thing I knew, we were sliding into another car (it snowed here today). I immediately freaked-out as I remember my OB telling me that a trip to Labor and Delivery is a must for any type of accident or fall. First, I couldn't believe that this was all about to happen. One minute I had a fab day planned, and the next minute I was calling the doctor-on-call to make sure that I should really go into L&D. Sure enough, they wanted me in.

So, off to the hospital we went. Of course my mind and body started playing tricks on me. Are those cramps? Was that a contraction? I'm such a freak.

After a long trip through the halls (that place is huge), I finally checked in. The nurses were very, very nice. They told me that they would strap me and the baby up for contractions and fetal heart monitoring. They also said I would have an ultrasound and some blood ran just to make sure all was fine. I found out quickly that I'm not a fan of fetal heart monitoring. Every inconsistency in heart rate gave me a heart attack. I got the nurse to turn the sound off so I didn't hear it any more. Mr. Later Than Most wasn't a fan of the monitoring either, he watched it like a hawk for quite a while. While the nurse was getting some things ready, she squinted at the monitor, unstrapped me, and began to move the monitor all around. I watched my husband as he watched the monitor very closely. After about a minute of searching, I closed my eyes to avoid take everything in and to try and stay calm. Finally, she strapped us back up and left. I asked my husband, "What the hell happened? She couldn't find the heart beat for a while?" He goes, "Oh no, it was there. She got it in a better spot." YIKES! Talk about panic.

The ultrasound tech came in about 25 minutes later. She unhooked the monitors and gelled me up. She first checked the cervix. Then she showed us the little one and he/she was moving all around. She said, "Well, it's very active!" That was good to see of course! Then she checked the placenta and turned everything off. Unfortunately, the tech in the hospital isn't allowed to give you results, but thankfully this little cutie said, "I am not allowed to give you results, but you'll get them soon." Then, she gave me the biggest smile that was humanly possible. Thank goodness for her knowing I could use some reassurance.

After she left the nurse came back in. She hooked me back up to the contraction monitor and did away with the darned fetal heart monitor. That thing drove me crazy, and the anterior placenta wasn't helping! Finally, about 45 minutes later, the nurse came in and said all of my monitoring, bloodwork and ultrasound checks were normal. Mr. Later Than Most and I got our things, and collected my discharge instructions.

What a day. I planned on getting so much done, and then ended up in the hospital for monitoring. I do appreciate the careful planning and over cautiousness of the doctors though. Even with all those great results, I still came home worrying. The baby knows I'm a freak, it keeps moving all around so I know things are okay. I'm going to need some Xanax when this kid comes out. . . I'll be a nervous wreck!

I'm thankful for the great test results and can't wait until this day is a mere memory. :)

December 1, 2010

22 Weeks- Updates

Ugh, I hate that I haven't blogged in two weeks, but seriously, should I type if I have nothing to say? LOL I don't want to make people bored!

Well, things are going really, really great. I hit 22 weeks yesterday and I'm so thrilled to keep on trucking. I'm getting poked and bumped everyday by this baby. It's so weird. The best part is that the pokes and bumps keep me honest. That damn infertility still haunts me. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't worry something is going to happen. It is getting easier though.

Thanksgiving was interesting. I must admit, I don't like all of the attention I get from the families. If you know me in person, you know I'm rather outgoing. This attention is not something I like though. I totally know that our families are just so excited, but I can't even take a deep breath without someone asking me if I'm okay. I mean, should I really say, "The baby just kicked me in the cervix!"? Speaking of Thanksgiving, I gained 5 pounds since last week. Um, that's seven total, but 5 in a week? I multiplied 5 pounds times 18 weeks and let me tell you, that's not something I want to be a part of. Yes, yes, I know that's not how it works. But, it is funny! Actually, I've been really worried that I wasn't putting weight on, but now I feel better about it. Trust me people, I'm eating!
This week Mr. Later Than Most and I are signing up for our classes. We will be taking a full day of child birth education. Then we'll take a caring for baby and prenatal breast feeding class. Now, I know for sure that I will probably go to these classes and know all of the information. I mean really, should I really tell you that I have 11 baby books? Yes, they are all on pregnancy, childbirth, and feeding. I can't help it. I'm trying to stop buying books. I do read them all though!

As for doctor appointments, I have a regular checkup on December 21st. Then, I'll go back two weeks later for my GD testing. My next MFM ultrasound is February 2 and I'll be 31 weeks. . . I can't even imagine.
Lastly, do you remember Mrs. February 2010? She's the one who planned on getting pregnant in February of this year and it worked. Yes, she planned two years ahead. Well, she had her baby this weekend. He is one cutie. Mr. Later Than Most and I went to the hospital. I was so THANKFUL that I'm already pregnant. . . I would not have been able to handle this at all. It still bothers me a little. I hate that damn feeling! I sound like a jerk!

Here is my 22 week pic:

November 18, 2010

20 Weeks Results

Another great appointment has me over the moon! The baby is looking good and measuring right on track! We were able to see him or her kicking away and moving the little arms and legs. I was really hoping for a thumb-sucking picture, but you can't have it all! Hahaha. I love that this office is so careful with IVF patients. The MFM gave me another cervix check yesterday to make sure that it was still long and closed. The good news was that it looks great.Also, he scheduled me for a another level one at the MFM office at 31 weeks. He said another ultrasound wouldn't harm anything! I love that guy!

Mr. Later Than Most really enjoyed the scan. He hadn't seen one since 6 weeks, so he couldn't believe how big the baby was. We both laughed and laughed when the baby looked straight at us!

They did notice that I have anterior placenta. All that means is that the placenta is in the front of the uterus. It will muffle the baby's movements and kicks for a while, so I may not feel too much. I did feel a ton of movement yesterday, and today I've felt some squirming here and there!

Here are some pictures! They are not nearly as good as the last scan, but I love them anyway!

Another great appointment has me over the moon! The baby is looking good and measuring right on track! We were able to see him or her kicking away and moving the little arms and legs. I was really hoping for a thumb-sucking picture, but you can't have it all! Hahaha. I love that this office is so careful with IVF patients. The MFM gave me another cervix check yesterday to make sure that it was still long and closed. The good news was that it looks great.Also, he scheduled me for a another level one at the MFM office at 31 weeks. He said another ultrasound wouldn't harm anything! I love that guy!

Mr. Later Than Most really enjoyed the scan. He hadn't seen one since 6 weeks, so he couldn't believe how big the baby was. We both laughed and laughed when the baby looked straight at us!

They did notice that I have anterior placenta. All that means is that the placenta is in the front of the uterus. It will muffle the baby's movements and kicks for a while, so I may not feel too much. I did feel a ton of movement yesterday, and today I've felt some squirming here and there!

Here are some pictures! They are not nearly as good as the last scan, but I love them anyway!




November 16, 2010


Ahhhh! I'm so excited for our big ultrasound tomorrow! Of course, we aren't finding out the sex, but we are thrilled to see this little one. Mr. Later Than Most hasn't seen a live ultrasound for 14 weeks, so he's very excited! It's very, very early in the morning, so I'll be sure to update some time tomorrow!

It looks like we'll officially do our registry after Thanksgiving. We have family who are ready to buy Christmas gifts and would like some guidance. My sisters are busy planning my shower, which will be February 12th. That will be here soon I'm sure.

Here is my 20 week picture:


November 11, 2010

Feeling Good :)

Not too much going on here, which is honestly the way I like it! Slowly but surely we've been buying a couple of things here and there as deals arise. I've been playing around with online wish lists at BuyBuyBaby and Babies R Us. It seems that Mr. Later Than Most and I will register after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. My sisters have a place all searched out for the shower, and it appears that it will be February 12th. I can't believe how close that can be.

In the meantime, my goal tonight is to check out all of the classes that my hospital offers. Being the teacher that I am, I plan to sign up for a couple. Mr. Later Than Most has been asking about which classes we'll be taking, but he said I can't tell his friends. ha! Apparently one of his friends signed up for a "car seat" class and everyone thought it was funny. I think I'll skip that class, but I'll still use the local fire department to double check our work. Although, it's a little early to think about installing a car seat. :)

I'm so, so excited for our MFM appointment on Wednesday! Even though we are not find out the sex, we still can't wait to see this little one on the screen. Mr. Later Than Most hasn't been able to attend an u/s since week 6 when I had that perigestational bleed. So, I'm sure he'll be impressed with what he sees.

As for shopping, we have bought more than I thought I would at this point. Well, I just love shopping in general, so that seems to be the problem! Ha! So far we have a bassinet, many neutral clothing items, a few books and toys, the infant seat and base, a Boppy, and Bumbo. Oh, and last weekend I bought a glider! I couldn't help it! It was a really great deal and the wood is black. I haven't seen one with black wood before! For the nursery, we plan on doing black and cherry. My friend is giving me her crib from Land of Nod, and it's cherry. Then we'll do a cherry changing table. We plan to use a shelving unit from Ikea and it will be black. Then the glider is black and tan. We plan on painting the walls white and having a black chair rail go around the room. It's not very nursery like, but we're not too much into the brightly painted walls. I'm not sure that I can picture everything in my mind, but I'm sure it'll come together :)

November 3, 2010

Baby on the Move

For about two weeks I've thought that I could maybe feel this baby moving. It's so tricky. Here and there I'm like, "What's that?" Sometimes it felt like my stomach growling. Other times it was just a light brushing. I was feeling it for what I thought was once to twice a day. Well, until yesterday.

Yesterday we had an institute day so I sat all day. All morning I had lots of fluttering and what feels like ticking in my stomach. Sometimes it felt like I was on a roller coaster and my stomach was dropping. This went on here and there ALL DAY LONG! I laughed almost every time. For some reason I think it's so funny. Today, the same thing was happening. Here and then when I would sit, I could feel some squirming going on. 18 weeks is kinda early, but I know that it's nothing else. When I feel it, I kinda stop everything and just try to find the words to describe what I'm feeling. Mr. Later Than Most thinks I'm crazy. I told him that the baby was doing flip flops yesterday. Heehehehe

We've done a little more purchasing. I dragged Mr. Later Than Most to Babies R Us on Saturday for a teaching lesson. I trained him well. He now knows what infant, convertible, and booster
seats are. I heard him ask his mom to test him on the phone the other day (hahahahaha). We picked out our stroller (Baby Jogger City Mini). Well, this weekend I went hunting on Craig's List and found the infant seat adapter for the stroller. Someone was selling it in the box for half price. So, we went downtown tonight and picked it up. The lady liked us so much that she also gave us her barely used (and neutral colored) Bumbo. Sweet!

October 29, 2010

Pictures. . . Weeks 16 and 17

New pictures! I may never include my face as who knows where it could end up on the internet. You know that story of the US family who saw their face in a grocery store ad in Europe, right? Hahahaha!

October 28, 2010

I'm Slacking!

I've been slacking on the updates! Actually, I do update when I have something, but I haven't had too much to discuss!

Luckily, that little pregnancy ticker is moving right along. I went to my regular OB today and everything went well. The baby's heartbeat was good at 155ish beats per minute. Mine was 130! LOL I've gained 1.5 pounds total. Yes, I know I will gain more, but that number makes me cringe. All the damn books say 5-10 pounds is normal for where I am, so now I feel guilty. My doctor does not care too much though. He said as long as the baby is growing then I'm good to go. Either way, I still make sure to shove down a glass of chocolate milk each morning!

At my appointment today I had a Quad Screening done. This is where they take a vial of blood and test it for four types of diseases/defects. I should have the results of the test next week.

When the doctor listened to the baby's heartbeat he said, "WOW. That's one strong heartbeat." Hahaha. I think he knows me well. That comment sent me skipping out of the office. It was like I was a little kid and the doctor just put a sticker on my chart. It's a good feeling!

New bump pics coming soon!

October 21, 2010

Great Appointment!

I'm back and feeling very relaxed after my appointment with maternal fetal medicine! My appointment could not have gone better. Well, okay they were about 20 minutes behind and I was sent with a full bladder but hey, beggars can't be choosers!

This was a very busy office. Each nurse was very nice and talkative. I went in and had my weight taken. Then I went and had a discussion with the nurse. She referred to me as an "easy patient" because I'm in good health and have a clean history. Then, I went and had an abdominal ultrasound with a tech. She took all sorts of measurements of the baby for about 20 minutes. I'm telling you, I have no clue how they do
their jobs. I couldn't tell a foot from a head without her pointing it out. Plus, the baby was so active, she couldn't give me a profile shot like I was hoping for! It was fun though, and she explained every single measurement and made sure to tell me that each measurement ranked in the normal range. The baby was measuring a few days ahead (whoo hoo). As the tech was pointing out parts, she pointed out the cervix and then she went to an opposite side of the screen and said, "Here is the placenta." I jumped right in and asked her if the placenta was still covering the cervix. I told her it was at my last scan. Her response was, "Oh, that happens all the time. Yours totally moved." SCORE!

After the abdominal she had me change for my internal ultrasound. Sounds scary, but I've had about six of these bad boys. The point was to check the cervix and make sure it was a normal length. Of course I know all about cervix length, shortening, and premature birth. I went in there already knowing that a normal range should be 3-5 (ahem, units). I watched her measure and kept my fingers crossed. Low and behold. . . 4.6!!! She goes, "Oh you are so good. That will not be a problem." Right at that point I started daydreaming about all of the stuff I would order online when I got home! LOL

So, at this point I got dressed and waited for t
he MFM doctor. To my surprise he came and and asked me to hop on up for another abdominal! What? Three scans in one day? I LOVE THIS DAY! So, up I went and he started rechecking some of the tech's measurements. Of course, my half empty glass kicked in and I thought, "OMG, did she see something and not say anything?" He was zooming and zooming on the babies heart. I got a little worried because the tech told me the heartbeat was 140bpm and it's normally 160. I thought she said it was normal, but I started to worry a little (yes, I have a sickness). So the doc was still doing some heart zooming and he says, "Well, I normally can't get a scan this clear and this early, but I have a great view of the heart and everything is perfect." Relief! The next thing I knew, I was done! They gave me plenty of pictures! Yes, yes, I will attach them!

So, today I'm just so excited and thankful. Mr. Later Than Most took the "Are you going to stop worrying now?" approach. Gah! Men are so relaxed! My next OB appointment is in one week, and I'll go back to the MFM in 4 weeks for my level two scan!

Here are the pics. . . yes, some are more Halloween like!

October 17, 2010

MFM Appointment This Week

At my last OB appointment, my doctor (the new one :) told me that all IVF patients will be seen by a MFM. I thought he meant just for the gender scan, but then the MFM called this week and schedule me for two ultrasounds! Whoo hoo! I love a chance to see this little one. So, this Thursday I will be going in for a short ultrasound. At the appointment they will be checking on the placenta to see if it's moved at all, and they will also be checking cervix length to make sure it's within a normal range. Not that we are finding out the gender, but our gender scan will be November 17th. That's so far! LOL Even though we are not finding out, the ultrasound is about an hour long. They will be checking the same things they check this week, and they will be taking all sorts of measurements for the baby. I'm excited to get a good ultrasound this week. The ultrasound machine at the RE was top notch, and then the OB offices don't have as clear of pictures on their machines. It's kinda like HD and not HD. Hahahaha.

Other than that, things are going well. Mr. Later Than Most and I have been working on getting our house in tip top shape. Today I'm going through my clothes and putting away things that don't fit. I've had two very generous people lend me maternity clothes, so I'll be getting those put away today as well.

As I've mentioned in many other blogs, I'm a recreational shopper. I've been good so far, but the shopping has slowly started. We bought a bassinet from another teacher in my district this week. It was really cheap and in great shape. Mr. Later Than Most and I played with it for about twenty minutes the other day. It has all sorts of gadgets. Other than that, I've bought a couple of things that I found on sale. Yesterday I found a bouncy chair that literally matched the bassinet so I bought it. And of course, we purchased our bedding which I've posted in a previous blog. It's nice to have the winter to work on things. It would be really hard to work on our house if it were 80 degrees and sunny!

October 11, 2010

Bump Pics- By Request

I have some pics to post. Tomorrow I'll take my 15 week, but I have past weeks to share. I think week 14 looks different than the others. We'll see when I take week 15 tomorrow.

I have not gained weight yet, but I'm sure my time is coming!




October 10, 2010

First Shower- As an Attendee

Before I give an IF rant, I just want to get this out: I just realized my kid is gifted! Yup, in utero and so advanced! It's just that Trouble had the hiccups at this week's ultrasound. That was at exactly 14 weeks. In my baby books it says that babies may get the hiccups around 16 weeks! Yes! I better start looking into alternative schools for the advanced! Heheehehehehee.

So, today I will be attending my first baby shower. Nope, not for me (duh), but for a friend. Wait, wait, wait, you remember her, right? Mrs. February 2010? Mr. Later Than Most's BFF wife? She planned two years ahead to get pregnant in February 2010 and it worked! Now she is gifted! Anyway- her shower is today. This will be my first shower in about a year and a half. I hate to generalize, but I think it's safe to say that girls who deal with IF kinda skip baby showers. They have to wash their hair that day or they have another "function" to go to. Showers are so uncomfortable when everyone is discussing something you can't have.

So, why am I bringing this up? I'm totes preggo, right? Well my blog friend, those damn feelings kinda don't go away. I have no clue why. Yes, it will be easier for me to attend this shower, but for some reason, I still resent long conversations about baby making and how long it took people to get pregnant. It's my own problem, I do know that. But come on, when someone complains about blah blah, "I hate all those times I have to give blood for testing" or "That blood pressure cuff really hurts" it's hard for me to hold back without saying, "Try shooting yourself in the stomach three times a day for two weeks! Pure enjoyment." Okay- we all know I said the shots weren't that bad (and they weren't). I just hate when people complain about something that's really not that big of an issue (to me obviously). Yup, the IF mind sticks around, even after you achieve your goal. So, long story short, I will try to be on my best behavior today. Bitter is not a part of the pregnancy glow! :)

As for other updates, I'm just trucking right along. I'm not going to lie, I've convinced myself that this will be my only child. No, Mr. Later Than Most does not know this. It's just all of the twinges and pains and cramps worry me way too much. How funny is that? I could care less about the labor part or c-section, whatever! I just am scared to death of the process to get there! LOL- I'm totally ass-backwards! I do know partially what causes this. Way too much internet. As soon as I started having issues TTC, I went straight to the internet and learned way too much. Of course, there is no filter to block horror stories on the internet. I've read way too many depressing pregnancy stories, which are probably very isolated, but to me they seem so common and possible. Yes, I do need a therapist. Do you know one that's near my house? :)

Alright, I'm off to use my heart monitor!

October 6, 2010

Love That New OB

My first OB appointment with my new doctor was a great success. I love him. He answered a million of my questions and was very kind and polite. I even got an ultrasound!!!! I was not expecting that! Let me tell you, Trouble had the hiccups (yes, little 14 week hiccups) and it was the cutest thing ever. Mr. Later Than Most did not even believe me when I told him that. He said the baby was too little for hiccups. . . lol.

You know me, I don't attend a doctor appointment without issues. So, during my ultrasound the doctor told me that the placenta is over the cervix. This is known as placenta previa. I've heard of it, and this was not the news I wanted. Don't worry, I left the office before I cried (ugh, I'm such a baby). Anyway- after freaking Mr. Later Than Most out (I really feel sorry for that guy), I went home and did some research. It's for sure something that can fix itself and apparently has time to do so. Luckily, my best teaching partner talked to her MFM daughter-in-law for me. Love, love Dr. Jill. She was able to bring me back to reality, whi
ch Mr. Later Than Most is most grateful for. So, I woke up today and thought, "Damn, I need to be more positive and freaking quit worrying about what I can't control." Then, I used that positive statement as an excuse to order bedding for the nursery. Okay wait, before you think I'm slightly looney. . . go back through my blogs and read about Baby BiPolar Disorder. I have the pregnant version. The one in my blog is the infertility version, which I will never get rid of anyway.

So, before I post a picture of the bedding, let me warn you that I do not own a ranch. My husband and I are not farmers. Though we do fancy a rural town visit, this bedding just appealed to me and I have no clue why. I know it's early, but I love it and so does Mr. Later Than Most. I did have one already in mind (cute little forest friends), but Mr. Later Than Most was not excited with it. Something about bland colors! Anway- here it is. I'll let you know if it keep it :)

October 1, 2010

Hello Week 13

Yes, yes! The title shouts it from the roof-tops. . . week 13! First, I'd like to say that the IF devil is almost out the door. She seems to visit less frequent, which is just great! I'm getting tired of her bullshit ideas that just never pan out. Good riddance to her!

So week 13 has been interesting. I know the baby is growing fast and all, but holy cramps of stretching this week! Two nights I was up in the middle of the night with "stretching" (which feel like cramps). It's really scary, especially since you have no clue what it is. It wasn't painful for anything. . . just there. Either way, two nights for about 20 minutes and it was gone.

I've done a little shopping. I went to this sale and bought some baby clothes. I love a good sale. Let me tell you though. . . there is not much in the neutral department. So, I bought some general colored stuff and of course, the clothes shopping will happen after Trouble gets here. Until then, the few yellow and green things will do, which Mr. Later Than Most is not too fond of! LOL

Other than that, I'm just taking each day at a time. I'm reading all my books slowly working my way off of these progesterone suppositories. I've been taking them since July 13! October 6th is my last day with them. Maybe they will take the IF devil with them for good!

September 27, 2010

I'm All Out

Well, everyone knows by now. I don't think there is one person we know who doesn't know. It feels good to be all out :) The best thing happened today! Mr. Later Than Most has a close friend that he plays volleyball with. Well, we haven't told her yet. We planned to tell her tonight for a Bear's game viewing. Wellllllll, she emailed him that she is due in May! Whoo hoo! It'll be fun for us to be able to chat. We aren't that close, but it's still fun. She was so excited to hear our news as well!

Yesterday Mr. Later Than Most and I were shopping at Target. I dragged him to the baby stuff to show him what type of stuff people need. Well, it was so funny! He found a travel system and high chair he liked! Ha! He was pushing the stroller down the isle to see if he like it. It was so cute. He was pushing and I was testing the weight of the infant seat. Unfortunately the whole set gets terrible reviews in my Baby Bargains book, but it was fun anyway.

I did have to surrender my heart monitor one more time. Mr. Later Than Most took it back and said I can have it once a week. I had that crazy IF addiction again. I was checking twice a day. Hey, when you have no symptoms, you have to cling to something!

I'm trying to decide if I should go to a baby resale this Thursday night. I know my mom would go with me, but I keep saying, "it's early." I would love to go though. Recycling is fab for the environment and I love a good bargain. Hmmmmmmmm. . . .

September 22, 2010

My OB Sucks

This is going to get long!

Yesterday I went in for my fetal heart tone monitoring that my OB practitioner approved. At my first OB appointment, the practitioner said I could go in for the monitoring inbetween my regular appointments. This would allow me to get more comfortable with less appointments than I was having at the RE and help me to feel more secure after the perigestational bleed. Well, before my appointment yesterday, I called the answering service and told them that I had some ovary pain. I wanted the nurse to know this before I came for my appointment in case they wanted to check my ovaries. So I was giving them a head's up as an ovary check ws not part of a fetal heart tones appointment. Well, the person taking the message was an idiot. She goes, "What? Your IVF hurts?" You dumbass.

So, I get to the office and am brought back by the nurse. She says she can't understand the message that was left. I laugh and explain the ovary pain to her. I told her they found a rather large right ovary at one of my ultrasounds, and that it was bothering me. She has me rate it on a scale to 10 and I say it's a 5 because it comes and goes. Yes, this seems like a fab appointment, but now it starts to go down hill.

I hop up on the table to hear the baby's heartbeat. The nurse finds "it" and tells me "There it is!" Um no. I begin to tell her that she has found my heartbeat. I know it's mine because my hand is on my chest, and I can feel the exact beats that I'm also hearing through the doppler. Not only that, but you and I both know that I've been dopplering this baby like an addict. So, I tell her the heartbeat is mine.

Me: Actually, I think that's my heartbeat. It matches the thumping I feel in my chest.

Nurse: Well, don't you hear the other heartbeat in the background?

Um no. Sorry, I teach kids to read and write. I'm not a nurse. So, she works for maybe 2 more seconds and seems to find the baby's heartbeat. She let me hear it for about 7 seconds. No, I'm not exaggerating. Seven full seconds. I sit up and the conversation fun continues.

Nurse: So, what exactly do you want us to do about this pain?

Me: Well, the pracitioner told me to tell you if it was bothering me, and it is. So, I don't really have any requests, but I'm letting you know.

Nurse: Well, is this a dibilitating pain?

Now I want to hurt her. Didn't I just tell her it was a 5? A 5 is not debilitating. Then, she looks at my records and says, "Why are you here? You were just here two weeks ago." Really? Now I have to explain that the pracitioner said I could. Well, of course she challenges that because it's apparently nowhere in my file. She decides to send the doctor in anyway since I'm already there. So, I wait about 5 minutes and the doctor comes in. Mind you, I sense the ATTITUDE. She sits down, and says, "How can we help you?" Make sure you insert a snotty tone there. For the love of God, I'm not a doctor! So, I start the friggen story all over again. If you are counting, this is the third time I've told this office in one day.

The doctor looks at my paperwork and says, "Blood pressure good. Baby's heartbeat is in the 160's. You DID HEAR the heartbeat didn't you?" Um, what's with the emphasis on hearing the heartbeat? Is she referring to the dumb nurse that I had to correct because she let me hear my own exciting heartbeat? The doctor says that I'm going to feel a lot during pregnancy and that I should take a Tylenol. Then, she sends me packing and adds that pain or blood should take me to the emergency room. No more talk about my ovary pain. Thanks for nothing.

Now, obviously reading this does not do the justice of really being there. I felt like I was treated like a child. I didn't request an appointment. I was already coming in for a scheduled appointment and brought up my concern. I'm sorry if the nurse tried to pass my heartbeat off as my baby's. I know what a fricken baby heartbeat sounds like. And I'll tell you, there is a big difference between 120bpm and 160bpm.

So, I left there crying. Don't worry, they didn't see it. Mr. Later Than Most got the wrath of it. He was pretty pissed at them. He brought up a good point: The IVF Clinic was so positive, we just want to continue the positive experience. Last night I worked hard at searching, and to make a long story short, I found a smaller practice. At this one I'll see the same doctor every time. There are only four doctors and they also have a midwife. The midwife was not suggested for an IVF patient, so I'll be getting new OBGYN. It's weird to switch, especially since I'll be going to a whole new hospital, but today I'm feeling good about my decision. I need to contact insurance and get a copy of my records, but I have plenty of time. My first appointment is October 5th. Hopefully the people at this practice are a little nicer. I don't want to be Kathryn Heigel in Knocked-Up. She switched OBs about 5 times!

September 19, 2010

Weekend of Fun

I was out of town this week for an out-of-state bachelorette party. I had bought my tickets in March, so I decided I would stick with my plans and perhaps have my last weekend girls outing for a while. True though, bachelorette parties are not entertaining when you are pregnant, duh! I felt like the poor girls had to drag me around all night! Luckily, another attendee was pregnant too, so we ordered our waters together, and luckily, she was ready to go back to the room with me before the other girls. My friends were so great though, they bought us some O'Doul's for Saturday's hotel room celebration, and they carried my suitcase at the airport. It's nice for others to know :)

My new weekend experience is that I have a cold! Bound to happen, but it's hitting me hard. I don't mind the 100 sneezes a day, but I'm trying really hard to not call my doctor and ask what I can take. I do go in on Tuesday for a fetal heart tones appointment, so I'll ask then if I have to. Right now I'm just drinking water and looking forward to some Ramen soup for dinner!

Mr. Later Than Most caved today when I asked for my doppler! He is out of town too. I called and told him I wanted to use it. He told me where it was hiding right away. This tells me two things. 1. I love him for knowing that I needed to use it, otherwise I wouldn't ask. 2. I cannot give him something to hide from me if I really want it hidden. That job is for my mom. :)

September 16, 2010

Doppler and More Coming Out

Well, the doppler is gone. Talk about addiction city. I started using it two times a day :( So, I walked right in to Mr. Later Than Most and handed it over. I told him that I'm only allowed to use it once a week and he agreed. So, right now it's hidden. I did try to crack him today and asked for it, but he didn't give in.

I think my insecurity is coming from telling more and more people about Trouble. Right now, most friends, all family, and most coworkers know. With each person, I get a little nervous. I know it's normal, but I can't wait for it to go away already! It does feel good to be passed 11 weeks.

Well, Heather requested some pictures, so I'll include some here :)

11 Weeks:

Life is Good outfit! So cute, I had to!

10 Weeks

September 13, 2010

Yup, I'm Addicted

The darn home doppler addiction has started! I promised myself I wouldn't use it everyday. So, I found Trouble's heart beat on Friday. Saturday I showed Mr. Later Than most and he was impressed. Then, I woke up this morning and had the urge to check on Trouble. Then, I came home and stared at it! LOL Don't worry, I didnt' use it again! I do have experience with these addictions though. When we were TTC, I had to have Mr. Later Than Most hide by basal thermometer from me. I was getting out of control and even temping at night!

So, I'll be letting my friends in on my secret this week. I'll be out of state for a bachelorette party, and the nondrinking will need some discussion. The best part is that I will be able to start wearing whatever I want, and I won't have to hide my stomach pudge.

At my last OB appointment, my OB did not mention the optional NT scan that you can do. It helps to check for Downs and other things that could be different in a pregnancy. Mr. Later Than Most and I could NOT decide if we wanted to do it or not. It does have a 5% false positive and that was enough to scare me. Since she didn't mention it, I took it as a sign not to do it. I feel a little weird though, a lot of girls on my site opt to have it done. Oh well, I have to do what's right for us.

I started shopping. . . eeek. This weekend I bought a couple of small things for Trouble. Nothing big at all, but I've been addicted to internet sites and just looking for bargains. The IF devil hangs out and says it's too early. I've been able to put some earplugs in while the IF devil talks to me. The good news is that she only sneaks up on me about once a week. Horray!

September 10, 2010

Shopping and Family

I did make my way to Amazon after my 10 week OB appointment. I bought the Baby Bargains book like I wanted, and I also bought a home fetal heart detector. This is weird I know, but so many girls buy it, so I gave in. It was only $30 on Amazon, so I figured it would be a good buy even if it didn't work.

So, the device came yesterday. I followed the directions and poured some water on my stomach. I dragged the monitor across my abdomen for about 15 minutes. I did it nice and slow like my OB did, and focused on my left side because that is where she found Trouble's heartbeat on Tuesday. After 15 minutes, I found nothing. I wasn't disappointed though. The OB couldn't find it for 5 minutes, so nothing made me think that it was an easy job. I promised myself that I wouldn't get obsessive with my new toy, and I put it away.

Tonight Mr. Later Than Most left for volleyball. This was the perfect opportunity to try the monitor again. I didn't tell him about my new toy because I want to be successful with it first. Before I gave it a try, I logged into Amazon and read more ratings. Many buyers suggested to switch the headphones out with IPod ones. Well, I did that and found little Trouble's heartbeat in less than one minute! It was so cool. The funny part is that Trouble was on the right side instead of the left like on Tuesday! How fun! I can't wait to show Mr. Later Than Most my trick! He hasn't heard the heartbeat yet!

Well, all week I've been wondering how to tell my family about our news. There are a couple of issues though. First, I was very overwhelmed with Mr. Later Than Most's family and their excitement, so I figured telling in person wasn't going to work. It nearly gave me a panic attack last weekend. In this day and age, I think texting is very acceptable. Especially if you do it right! So, On Thursday morning, I sent my mom and two sisters a picture of Trouble on their cell phones. The text said, "Does this baby look like me or Mr. Later Than Most?" LOL Well, I had three phone calls within 10 minutes. They actually loved the way I told them. Also, my younger sister got all emotional, so I was glad that I was on the phone and not in person. As I said, I don't deal well with that. I'm a little weird!

So, now both families know! It's earlier than I wanted, but I have a friend's trip next weekend that will bring me out of state. I need to tell my friends before that, and family just had to know before friends.

Oh, one more detail. When Mr. Later Than Most told his family, at some point he told them that we had a boy's name all picked out. His mom replied, "Why would you put a boy's name on a girl?" I thought that was funny :)

Happy Friday!

September 7, 2010

Fab Doctor

I had my first OB appointment today. I requested the nurse practitioner because she was the one who sent me to the IVF clinic in January. I thought she would love to see me, and boy was I right! She was so excited and just wonderful. She said she had been following my paperwork and was so excited when the bleed free ultrasound came through. It was great to see her and to have someone who was almost as excited as me. . . almost!

So, we went over the regular stuff and she asked me how I am since the IVF. Pretty much I feel great, but she said my ovaries are still a little swollen. She said it takes up to 20 weeks for them to go back to normal if you get pregnant from IVF. Oh, my! I didn't even know that. Luckily, they are causing me no trouble at all. Then, I told her it was a little weird to go from weekly ultrasounds and so much one-on-one attention to being with the "masses" at a regular OB. She herself had come from working at an infertility clinic, so she is very familiar with the emotions that us IF girls go through. So, she offered me the best thing ever!!!!!!!!! I get to go in for fetal heart monitoring every two weeks!!!! I get to go in to hear the heartbeat while I'm waiting for my next appointment to come around. I can't believe that! It really was so nice of her to offer. You bet your ass that I scheduled my first appointment already! Hooray! So, in two weeks from today, I go to hear Trouble's heartbeat. And two weeks from that, I'll be at my 14 week appointment.

Speaking of Trouble, you know darn well the nurse had a hard time getting the heartbeat on the doppler today. I knew not to panic. I've read so much online about 10 weeks being a little early for a doppler for some people. This practitioner was determined though! She tried for about four minutes and kept saying, "Don't get worried, I'll find it." After another minute she said, "Okay, this is weird, but cough. Sometimes that could move them around." So I did, and thirty seconds later, BINGO! The cutest little heart beating in the 160's. Today is a great day!

So, I promised myself that I could buy the Baby Bargains book after my 10 week appointment. I'd love to write more, but I'm off to Amazon to treat myself.

Thanks for reading my blog and always cheering for me. It's great to have so much support!

September 5, 2010

We're Out

Mr. Later Than Most's family arrived on Saturday morning. We had huge plans to go to the Cubs game and have a good dinner. We don't see them but 4 or 5 times a year, so naturally I thought it would be a great idea for us to let them in on our secret. It was a good plan, but Mr. Later Than Most said he wasn't ready to tell people and that it was still kind of early. I agreed. I guess I feel further along because I've had so many ultrasounds and so many appointments. Plus, I got to hear that fab heartbeat this week!

So, I worked hard to make sure my clothes were baggy. This bloat does not help the situation. Right before we left, MLTM asked me if I hid the ultrasound pictures like he'd asked. I told him yes and that I put them in the drawer in the bedroom so no one would find them. Then, we all left for the game.

We arrived at the game, got our food, and settled in. As a couple of innings went by, I kept thinking about how cool it would have been to tell his family about Trouble. I daydreamed a little about it being shown on the announcement board. Then I started thinking about how cool it would have been if we brought the ultrasound picture and passed it down to them with beer money or something. After my daydream, I looked down at Mr. Later Than Most. He was on the end, then my MIL, FIL, SIL, grandmother in law, and finally me. When I looked down at him I noticed he handed something folded to his mom. "It couldn't be." I thought. Yep, he was handing his mother a folded ultrasound picture!!!! She opened it up and freaked out. The whole family started hugging and saying over and over, "Is this real? Are you guys joking?" My husband is quite the trickster, so I could easily see their concern.

I was shocked at that moment. I couldn't believe he did it and didn't tell me. It was like a surprise for me too. I'm glad he did, because it prepared me for how people react. There were tears and lots of questions. LOTS OF QUESTIONS. Everything from how I'm feeling to how long did we try. YIKES! As I had mentioned, Mr. Later Than Most is not up for telling others about the IVF. So, my response to questions was, "Oh, I'll let him answer the questions!"

It was quite an overwhelming experience! This morning I punched him in bed and told him he tricked me. We decided to get our act together and make sure that we had a story for when people ask about our TTC experience. I was glad to hear Mr. Later Than Most say that he wanted to tell people it took us two years, but he wasn't ready for the IVF part. I'm so glad he came around on how long it took us to try. I don't want to hide that from people. I want others to know that this doesn't happen right away for everyone. I'm proud of my struggles and IVF success, but the IVF part will wait a bit. I will be telling my family about it though :)

So, now we are partly out of the closet! It's weird, because now we can talk about it with them. Getting it out actually gave me more confidence for some reason. Hopefully that confidence doesn't take me to Carter's and their Labor Day sale!

P.S. Because of our company, I'm not editing my post today! I hope it all makes sense!

September 1, 2010

U/S Update

Well, the nurse at my OB office called me back today. They left me a voicemail saying they did in fact want me to have an ultrasound before my first appointment. So, when I called to schedule, they only had 12:30pm! Yes! It was 11:30, in the middle of the school day, and they had nothing for the rest of the week. Are you kidding me? Luckily I have the best principal in the world, who allowed another teacher to cover my room, while I ran to my ultrasound. Mind you, she only had to cover it for 20 minutes, I had an hour plan period in there.

So, it was my first time back at the OB's office since
the referred me to the IVF clinic. It was weird walking in there. The nice thing was that I actually felt like I fit in! The bad thing was that I was so nervous. For Pete's sake, I can present in front of a large group with about two minutes notice, and these damn doctor appointments scare the bejesus out of me!

The good news is that this little baby looks great! Now, if you remember, the IVF put my due date at April 6th. Since every ultrasound I've had, the baby was always a day ahead. So, the EDD changed to April 5th. Well, today it was measuring another day ahead! LOL- Of course we don't keep changing the due date!

So, Trouble is one inch long which is perfect for 9 weeks. I got to hear the heartbeat too!!! It was so cool. The hb was measuring 170bpm which is perfect. The tech also checked my ovaries to make sure they are doing well since the IVF. She said the right one is still swollen, but it isn't giving me any trouble at all. Oh, and the news. . . . she said the bleed is gone! Now, how fab is that? Well, the only thing is, I'm such a friggen negative Nelly that I keep thinking, "Well, maybe she missed it." Hello? Who does that? Mr. Later Than Most wanted to kick my ass when I told him that one. Hahahahaha. He has a lot of patience these days!
So, so far so good. It's so nice to get good news at those appointments. I will go back on Tuesday for my regular checkup. Don't worry, I'm asking if they can check that bleed one more time! I know, I'm too much! But I don't think they
should check it next week. Just in the next three weeks or so. LOL

Here is Trouble: Measuring 9w2d (picture has been removed)

August 31, 2010

Short and Sweet!

I went back to school today. Everything was great! Well, the kids were okay but I had no bleeding! Whoo hoo!

One of my online friends suggested that I call my OB and see if they planned on scanning an u/s on me next week because of the bleed. I called and. . . . NOPE! They weren't going to! So, a nurse just called me back and I told them my concern. She said she'll talk with the doctor tomorrow and see if they want me this week or next week for an u/s. News flash- no u/s at all equals me and baby getting a new doctor this week. Good thing I didn't pay for my IVF, I would have been all, "Listen, I paid $26,000 to get this baby. Give me my damn ultrasound." Now that's not very teacher-like is it? Um, yea it probably is!

Well, I'm off to a live fantasy football draft. Yea, my husband does it and I joined him a few years ago. I have won before, so I'm not quitting!

August 29, 2010

Damn Posts

Just when I post something positive. . . more bleeding today. And it comes at the most unexpected time and just when I'm getting confident. Yesterday I was feeling great. I hadn't had any bleeding in two full weeks. The doctor said the bleed is much smaller and all is good. Well, today I'm all good and running off to a bridal shower when, ta dah! Red blood. I was so surprised that I couldn't even think. I truly said aloud, "You've gotta be kidding me." I mean, really? Right when we are on top of the world. I know it doesn't necessarily mean anything but how could a person not spend a ton of time thinking about it?

Then, at this bridal shower today, my friend just goes on and on about how hard it is to be 38 weeks pregnant. Blah blah she has to pee all the time and eat all the time. You know, I realize that being 38 weeks pregnant must suck, but life can be so much worse. Don't think for two seconds I let her off the hook. Oh no, no, no. I will forever have the infertile mind. I made sure to tell her to be thankful she could walk. Be thankful she has a full term baby and I told her about girls who do over 100 days of bed rest just to keep their kids alive. I know, I know. . . what a downer. But it's reality, and it shut her negative ass up real quick. I hope I'm in her position some day.

So, tomorrow is the third full day of school and I won't be going. Luckily I have the best sub in the world and a very understanding principal. Taking time off already is very hard for me, but I know that resting is so important. My doctor had said 72 hours for every red bleed, but I'm not sure if I can do that this early in the year. That's one thing that teaching does to you. . . it gives you guilt.

Well, that's my update. I'll be in bed from now until at least Tuesday morning.

August 28, 2010

Day by Day

School has truly taken over. This week has been so busy. Though it wasn't a full week, I've come home and been more than exhausted! It's always hard to get back into the groove of things.

Things have been going really well. I know the RE told me that my bleed was getting much smaller, but I'm dying to know where it is now. I'm hoping my OB will allow me a first scan to see where it is. Other than that, we are just taking it day by day. Mr. Later Than Most is rather out of control lately. Starting this week he's been "baby this" and "baby that." It's really weird considering he doesn't want to tell anyone until 16 weeks. He did say something funny last night though. He goes, "Man, we really have a lot to buy. We should start shopping at 13 weeks." This was music to my recreational shopping ears! You see, I know Mr. Later Than Most very well. I have not mentioned any shopping, purchasing, or other baby ideas (well, partly because I'm still a little scared). I know that if I don't mention any of it to him, he eventually will think of it on his own and he loves his "own ideas." I guess this is a tiny form of manipulation but it's totally harmless!

As I mentioned, four ultrasounds later and I'm still nervous. Each day I wake up and think "am I still pregnant?" It's so dumb, but it's the damn infertility Devil. She still hangs around a bit, but she is definitely on her way out the door. I'll show her ass. I'm going to add a pregnancy ticker to my blog today. Take that witch!

Things are coming full circle for me today. It's my nieces first birthday. On this day last year I truly hit rock bottom. My sister had her second baby in the time that I couldn't come up with one. I remember how hard this day was for me. Now, one year later, today is a totally different story.

Life is good!

August 23, 2010

Another Graduation!

Today was a big day. . . graduation! Today's graduation was better than either of my Master's. Today I graduated from the reproductive endocrinologist. That's right, I'm normal! No more IVF clinic :) I had my last scan today and little Trouble is measuring 7w6d which is still one day ahead of the IVF calendar. So, my new EDD is April 5th. Also, the perigestational bleed is smaller than it was last week! Whoo hoo to that! Tomorrow I will receive the exact measurments, but the u/s tech was as happy as can be! I'm really going to miss her!

My first OB appointment is September 7th. That's two
weeks from tomorrow. The wait will be very hard as I'm addicted to weekly ultrasounds. Although, this is the cost of being "normal." But seriously, I plan to have them scan me right away to check on that bleed. I'm really hoping it's gone by September 7th.

Here is Trouble's latest photo at 7w6d. Oh, and Mr. Later Than Most totally approves of the name :)

August 21, 2010

Kohl's: More Than You Bargained For

I need new school clothes. My bloat makes me look pregnant, so I'm on a mission to hide it. Of course Mr. Later Than Most thinks it's so cute and claims it's all baby and not bloat (boy, he really needs to read a baby book!). Actually, I love that he thinks that!

So I went to Kohl's as one of my stops. I figured I'll look for more flowy type tops so no one notices my stomach after lunch. I walked around and around and figured I would drop into the maternity section when I was done as a last resort. I know I don't need maternity clothes, but I've heard about those maternity pants that have a regular waist and those would be fab. Well, I was hit by a nice clearance when I went into the maternity section. I tried a bunch of stuff on (because it was so cheap) and duh, the stuff made me look pregnant. So, I did buy one denim maternity skirt because it was only $15 bucks and a denim skirt is good for all seasons of teaching.

After finding a couple of other items in the women's section, I made my way to the checkout. My cashier was kinda like Mrs. Rogers would be. I watched her thumb through my stuff. As she came to the maternity skirt, she eyed me up and down, looked at the inside tag, pointed to it and said, "Does this mean anything?" Um, huh? What what the heck was she talking about?

Me: Yea.

Cashier: Oh, when are you due?

Me: Not for a long time. April 6th.

Cashier: Oh, I think you should just tell people April 1st. (Wow, that's weird, but thanks?)

Me: (smiling and biting tongue)

Cashier: Can I give you some advice for when the little one is born?

Holy shit. I'm like 7 weeks pregnant and this lady is already planning the birth. I wanted to tell her that I'm just trying to make it to week 8, but what the heck am I going to say with a line full of people who are now eyeing me up and down?

Me: Sure.

Cashier: When your baby is born, go get the newspaper and seal it to preserve it. Also, collect all of the coins from that year and put them in a plastic box. Then, your child will have the news baby and some coins from their birth!

WOW! Now, that was very sweet of her of course, but really? LOL My friends know that I'm not good with unsolicited advice. I don't know why, it's like a personality flaw. I mean, if it's good advice then I love it, but normally it just rubs me the wrong way. In this instance, I just thought it was really interesting. I felt guilty enough buying a maternity skirt at 7 weeks. From now on, I will take my purchases to a male cashier. Men will not give parenting advice to a woman, right? LMAO

Gotta love Kohl's.

August 19, 2010

Moving Along

Wednesdays are a huge milestone to me. They mark the beginning of a new week of pregnancy. Yesterday I hit 7 weeks! That means seven weeks ago I had my retrieval for IVF. I can't believe how fast this time has gone by. I'll be honest, I'm that girl who wakes up every morning and thinks, "Oh, 7w1d today!" That's okay, I could be doing worse things.

As for symptoms, I don't feel I have many. I know it's early, but on some forums I'm reading about girls saying how sick they are and tired at 5 weeks. Okay, I'm a little grateful that's not me! For me, I have a couple things that are different than pre pregnancy. First, I have a taste for nothing. This is pretty common this early. I can't find anything I want to eat, but my stomach will be growling and needing something. Normally, if I just find something that might sound good, it settles well. The other thing I noticed is that I get hungry sooner than normal. Yesterday I had lunch at 1pm and was literally starving by 5pm. That was really odd to me. How in the world will I have lunch at 11:25 during the school year and then not get home until 5pm? I will for sure need to do some better grocery shopping! Oh, I also have a fun case of insomnia. This actually started before the 5 week mark. I toss and turn all night long and go between the couch and the bed. Sometimes I wake up at 3am and I'm just wide awake. Now, if I didn't feel so lazy, I may actually be productive at those 3am wakings! Now, laziness may not be the right word, I just have no energy. If anyone in my family read this, they would literally think this was not my blog. I have never had an energy problem. I am constantly on the go. Right now, I kind of just look at the things I would like to do, and I wave to them from the couch. This is no way to look like Heidi Klum after the baby comes. Oh well, I have until April anyway.

I feel like if I don't talk about "the bleed," then maybe it doesn't exist. But I'll bring it up to tell you that I'm going back to my acupuncturist tomorrow. I have not gone to him since my retrieval. I started going in March for several reasons. First, acupuncture is supposed to do wonders for infertility. Now, it won't get you pregnant, but it will help. So, I started going to support the infertility, and because I was totally stressed out. I mean, I seriously hit my max on stress. My only options for the stress to were to manage it or seriously start talking to a therapist. So, I found an acupuncturist in my town and decided to start there. I spilled everything out to him and he was confident he could help. I tell you, after that first appointment, I felt like a new person. I was less anxious and I felt relaxed. So, I started going regularly. Yesterday I emailed him to tell him that my IVF worked (whoo hoo), but I kinda have the SCH issue going on (which is now called a perigestational bleed per my IVF nurse). Well, good 'ole Jim thinks acupuncture can help with this. So, tomorrow I'm off to get acupuncture again. I hope to go once or twice a week to get this bleed out of here! I'll be sure to update how it goes!

Oh, and do let me know if it sounds like my list of symptoms sounds like complaining and not updating. I promised myself to never complain about pregnancy if I ever got pregnant, and I really plan to stick to that. So, if I ever get out of line, feel free to let me know:)