July 18, 2010

Holy Friggen Crap!

(I'm sure my choice of vocabulary has not pinned me as a teacher of little children, but I swear I have a clean vocabulary during the school year.)

Tomorrow is the big day! Oh my God, I can't believe it. TRANSFER DAY! My appointment is at 9:15am for a 9:35 transfer. And, if I remember correctly, I'll get a pic of those embies. Now, my excitement is obvious, however, don't think for one second that I have forgot that this may not work. That thought lingers in my head every time I feel too excited. It's a way to bring myself back to reality. One thing I will need on my two days of bed rest is either a Google lock, or a person to monitor my Googling. Yea, I'm sure most TTC girls can identify with this. We friggen Google everything: every proce
dure, every symptom, every thought. Success stories bring us up, and non success stories bring us down far. So as much as Google is your friend when you are learning how all of this works, it is your biggest enemy when you know everything already.

For IVF (and many other reproductive procedures), patients get the luxury of a blood test to confirm a possible pregnancy. This sounds appealing doesn't it? No reading those two pink lines. An actual blood confirmation. As black and white as it sounds, it's another torment. For one, you go in for the blood test in the early morning. Then, you have wait on pins and needles all day long for the callback. The blood needs to be sent out and analyzed, so the doctor's office will normally call back between two and four. So, luckily, one gets to wait all day long for that call. Then, blood numbers confirming pregnancy (called betas) range all over the place. A normal first beta is like
anywhere from 7-170. So imagine if your beta comes back as a 6. Now you get to freak out for two days. Am I pregnant? Am I not? Am I miscarrying? Not a fun game. The beta game continues when you go back in two days to redo the test. They are looking for that number to double or more than double. So, after waiting another whole day for a phone call, you better hope that 6 comes back above a 12.

On the contrary, what if that beta comes back as 257? Great right? ZOMG Totes preggo!!!! Then you get to wonder. . . one baby, tw
o babies, holy shit, three? While waiting for the next blood test in two days, you get to play "What did I get myself into? Can I afford multiples without my own TLC series? Damn that five day transfer!" Hahahaha It's a fun game! I plan to call it "Beta Roulette."


eber12 said...

Best of luck!!!!!

STL34 said...

I am hoping you win at beta roulette! Best of luck!