March 31, 2011

Today's Appointment. . . Uneventful!

Ha! I had a regular checkup today and the doctor was like, "Still hanging in there?" Yea buddy, I'm hanging in there! Although, at least I've been able to enjoy my spring break by doing anything I like! I've done some shopping and lots of visiting with friends. Today I saw S and the twins! Yes, my baby's labmates! Hehehehehe, they were all hatching at the same time! S wanted to get out and I was in the area. We went to Target and truly just lapped the store. S was trying to just get out and I was trying to walk this baby out! Her girls were so cute and sooooo good! They slept the thirty minutes that I was there. I may be venturing over to her house tomorrow. She's bored at home and I'm bored too, so we may as well be bored together. Plus, I can take one of those babies off of her hands and get a little practice.

As for feelings, I've got none! No contractions or anything. But, I do feel like baby is falling out so that should be progress, right? All I know is the longer you go, the bigger they get and this little one can sure pack a punch!

March 29, 2011

What am I Waiting For?

I'm sure any experienced moms can relate to this... I'm just living each day wondering what each twitch and pain are. It's very similar to the two weeks before I got my positive IVF test. I really don't know what I'm looking for, but I'm just sitting here waiting for it to happen! Today is 39 weeks and don't feel anything! LOL Well, I have felt some cramping on and off yesterday but I've got nothing today. Actually, the only thing that happened so far today was a I took about a 3 hour nap and that was about 2 hours after I woke up for the day! Ahhh, thank goodness I'm not working.

Last night Mr. Later Than Most decided to review a small Labor book that the hospital gave us. He kept trying to quiz me as I was relaxing with a little internet searching. (OMG, I just got jackhammered by a baby leg! That was freaky!) I think he realized I was getting annoyed because he eventually stopped his little quizzing game. Or maybe when I said, "Um, I know everything" he got the drift. LOL

For the past two days I'm watching baby shows on TLC. Sometimes they are a little more info than I need right now, but I figured I might learn something from them. Actually, the only thing I've done is look for things people shouldn't do! Ha! How terrible is that? I'm blaming it on the hormones. Oh and the ice cream I just had I'll blame on hormones too. Hey, it's 5 o'clock somewhere!

March 27, 2011

Clean and Rest. . . Repeat

Ugh, I think I know what they mean by nesting. Yesterday Mr. Later Than Most and I went to get the inside of my car detailed. This was my birthday present and I was dying for it! I didn't want to put a new baby in a dirty car (weird I know), so off we went. DeltaSonic did a really awesome job. I told MLTM that I wanted to actually sleep in the car. I don't think he's too surprised by anything I say or do lately. Poor guy.

When we got home late last night, I started thinking about everything I wanted to clean today. There is only one problem with all of the cleaning fun. . . it's exhausting! So, I just spent over an hour cleaning every crack and crevice in the kitchen, and now I'm on a 30 minute break. Although, every time I clean something, I need a shopping list of things I need to replace or some cleaning product I'm almost out of. So now a Target trip is for sure in order for today.

In general, MLTM and I have done a good job on our house. It is small. This wasn't supposed to be our "real house" (that's what we've always said). We moved in here 6 years ago and figured it was a great starter home for the two of us. We knew we'd live here for about 5 years and then get something bigger. Well, at year 4 we started making improvements to sell, and at this point I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the market sucks and we are stuck here. We are beginning to accept that, but I grew up in a house this size and it just drives me crazy. We have 975 sq. ft of living space, and that includes one bathroom that my husband is not good at sharing :) Either way, these days we are lucky to have a house that we can afford and actually call ours. So, when I'm doing all of this cleaning, I try to remind myself that though it's a small house, it's ours.

As for baby stuff, we are just missing the baby. Everything is totally ready and has been. It appears my ticker says I have 9 days left to just sit and hang-out. It's weird to just be waiting for something so big to happen! Should baby not want to come out on his/her own, I have a scheduled induction date of April 8th. That's less than two weeks away!

Well, it looks like my Swiffer floor is clean. I'm off to work on our living room. More posting to follow. . .

March 24, 2011

Almost There!

I've been bad about posting!

Well, the last I mentioned I was getting together with S before her induction on the 23rd and before this baby comes. Well, S had her twins that day, so we didn't get together! I've seen adorable pics of them though and they are just adorable! I'm so excited for S and that her long-awaited day is finally here.

I've had two more showers since my last post! Mr. Later Than Most's colleagues threw a surprise shower for him. They invited me and I worked a half-day so I could attend. It was really great! They had tons of great food and even baked chocolate chip cookies for me since that has been my "craving" (or addiction, whatev). They gave us a ton of diapers and an AMX gift card. They were very generous.

This past Monday I was surprised by another shower hosted by 51 third graders! Some room moms attended and organized. We played games and have treats. The kids made me the cutest scrapbook and my class gave us a Target giftcard. The generosity of people amazes me.

As for updates. . . my doctor was very surprised I haven't had any real contractions yet. Also, I'm not having any pressure so perhaps this baby hasn't dropped. I've always gotten a ton of BH, but nothing real. We tried to schedule my induction date today! They would actually let you get induced as early as 39 weeks, but Mr. Later Than Most and I were not interested. I want to go past my due date, so they'll be scheduling for April 8 or 9th. The scheduling unit at the hospital was closed, so the RN will call me tomorrow and let me know the date and time. Scary to think I could have picked a week from today!

Well, tomorrow is my last day of school! I can't believe it. In my nine years of teaching I have really over done it with volunteering for things and different committees. As of tomorrow, I'll be free from work and any classes until August. I know babies take up a ton of time, but I'll still need a mini hobby. I do NOT relax at all. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll eat those words! hahahaha

March 11, 2011

36 Week Appointment

My appointment was great last night. Mr. Later Than Most came along too to meet the doctor and get a glimpse at our last ultrasound. The baby was head down (yay!). It was moving all around and so cute! When the doctor switched to 3d, we got a good glimpse at the face! The quality at the OB's office isn't that great, but it was still good to see!

I took another iron test and that anemia is not going away any time soon! So, now I'm on two iron pills a day. At least my number went up. At my 12 week appointment it was 11. They want (at my office) between 13.5 and 15. At that point they put me on one pill every other day. At my 20 week it was 9.4. Whoops. So, one iron pill a day and instructions to eat more meat. Meat is very, very difficult for me to eat, but I've been working on it. Well, yesterday it was back to 11.3! So at least it went up but he wants to kick it into that normal range.

Tomorrow I'm having breakfast with S. Do you remember her? We met online. She found me and realized that we both had IVF in the same office and on the same days. Then we remembered seeing each other for each visit. We chat every day through text and have gotten together several times. Her little twins will be here on March 23 via c-section. Those two little cuties are both breech, so S is all set for her appointment. I was hoping they could switch to my birthday on March 24! So, we'll go to breakfast tomorrow and maybe a little Babies R US since they are supposed to be having a "shower" for expectant mothers.

On Sunday I'll see another friend who is expecting. Actually, she was Mr. Later Than Most's friend and now we have bonded. Her shower will be next month and I won't be able to see her. So, I had fun buying her a bunch of stuff and I'll give it to her on Sunday. I love giving gifts to people!

Let the count down begin!

March 5, 2011

Picture Time!

Well, it's been a long time since I've posted pictures. I am actually going to get professional pictures done next weekend. Just a cheap sitting but we wanted some cute pics to have :)

The pictures here are horrible! I'm sorry, but I still am not too keen on the idea of posting my face! LOL I don't want to travel to Europe and see my face on a grocery store billboard! Heheehehe. I don't know what you think, but I can't even see the difference between my 33week and my 35!

March 3, 2011

35 Weeks +

Ahhh, 35 weeks! I just got back from the doctor and everything looks great. My blood pressure is normal as usual, 116/62. As for weight, 18 pounds total. 5 pounds in the past two weeks. I'm sure that's baby picking up weight, but the Girl Scout cookies HAVE NOT helped! LOL

My stomach has definitely rounded. Getting up from the couch is hard. I still tie my shoes and shave my legs! Mr. Later Than Most yells at me because I try to do more than he says I'm "supposed to." Honestly, he hasn't really made it through a full baby book so I'm not sure where he gets his details! Hahahah! Nah, he's just being helpful!

So, one last ultrasound next week to make sure the baby is head-down. It was moving all around for the heart rate check today. The doctor had to keep starting over! I also got the rules of no traveling an hour away from the hospital and to "pack those hospital bags." Well, I did already start, but I'm not finished. I think he made it rather real for us!

I'm still sleeping like a champ, but getting up to pee every hour. The funny thing is that I'll get up and be wide awake. Then I lay back down and go right to sleep! I know that's how the body prepares you for baby, but how do people pee so much?

In the past week we put together the changing table, swing and bouncy chair. This weekend is car seat install and City Mini stroller prep! I love that stroller!

Hope all is well with you all!