July 20, 2010


Ice ice baby Pictures, Images and Photos
I have two snowbabies! Yesterday, embryology was watching our last 8 embies all day. They wanted to see how far they would develop until today and then decided which, if any, they could freeze for us. Of the 8, they only chose to freeze 2 embryos. Mr. Later Than Most and I were a little surprised, especially since they were watching 8! Well, quality over quantity, these two are 3AA grade and are expected to make a thaw and transfer if needed.

If you are not familiar with IVF, then I probably need to expalin an FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer). As stated, embryology chooses the best of the best embies. These embies will then be frozen (at the patient's choice and expense!). The benefit of having frozen embryos is the FET is much less involved. There is no reason to use all of the fertility drugs during a FET, because the drugs are for harvesting and retrieving the eggs. In an FET, the eggs (and sperm) are already taken care of. So, no daily jabs in the stomach, and no blood appointments and ultrsounds every couple of days. Sure there are appointments and such, but no retrieval or drugs. This was a huge selling point for us. Also, FET rates are very good. At my RE, his FET rates are almos the same has his fresh transfer rates. So that is great :) Although, I'm sure we can all just say a little "thought" that I won't need those snowbabies for a couple of years. :)

Yesterdays' "bedrest" went quite well. Anyone who knows me IRL could tell you that bedrest and I would not mix. I am very high energy and need to be busy all the time. So, laying in bed was a little hard. Yea, I got up and ate and all that good stuff, but I spend most of my time reading, watching TV, and of course, on the Internet. Heather and Christina have both text countless times reminding me that I'm not allowed to Google IVF stuff. Hahahahahaha. I've been really good. The only thing I Googled was the grade of embryos yesterday :)

Oh, and I'm so excited that I have 14 followers on my blog! Whoo hoo! It's so cool to know that people are reading :) Now, I'm off to go back to my fav pregnancy and ttc site. . . I haven't signed-in for like 5 minutes.

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eber12 said...

Good for you. I know resting is hard for you, but keep up the good work.