July 30, 2010

Combo Post- A Whole Lot of Random

I didn't even POAS today :)

Of all the things that girls miss when dealing with IF, it's sleep (well, and sometimes we miss a lot of baby showers because we have to "wash our hair"). There are countless dreams of many degrees. The most popular dreams are pregnancy dreams. I actually stopped having those after about 1 year of trying. During the beginning, I'd dream about positive pregnancy tests, only to wake up to another BFN. Then there are the husband dreams. These vary as well. I've had them about fighting, separating, divorce, cheating, and maybe once that MH was going to steal my nonexistent baby. The worst are the actual IF dreams. The ones that keep you thinking that your moment to shine, will just never happen.

Well, I'm so happy to say that I slept well last night. I know I tossed and turned a little but that's because I'm constantly hot. I think it's the damn progesterone. I did wake up at 6:30am to take progesterone one of the day, and I have been up ever since. Either way, I still can't believe that I actually slept and didn't worry in my dreams.

So far I think I'm doing well. I haven't thought too much about that second beta on Monday. I can't sit around and worry each and every day. All I know is that I pretty much went psychotic yesterday, only to find out that my beta is pretty good. So, last night I just relaxed.

Many girls have asked me if I have had symptoms. First, let me say that I've have had pregnancy symptoms for two years. Yup, every single friggen month I thought I was getting that BFP. Now, I don't think I have any at all. During my TWW, I had lots of cramping. That sent Heather on a Google search almost every day! It seems though, cramping with IVF is very normal and in most cases, was a good sign. The past two days I'm just peeing a whole lot. The only problem is that I'm also drinking a whole lot, so whose to say what is what? Other than that, I only feel some "sensitivity" in the abdomen. It's not cramps or pain, but sometimes there are suprise twinges. I'm not going to lie, I've been sitting down most of yesterday and today. It's not necessary AT ALL, but I'm a little crazy. Hey, don't forget I drove back to the IVF Clinic the day of my transfer to get pictures of my embies. So truly, we are dealing with a loony. :)

I must say, yesterday was a great day.


Geordie said...

I just read your blog from start to finish & I'm so so happy you got your bfp, I love how honest you've been the whole way through. Good Luck for your beta on Monday

BBColt78 said...

Thanks hon! And I just realized that I blogged that I didn't POAS today and I did at like 4pm. I have an addiction to those two pink lines!