July 15, 2010

And The News Is In!

I had a fab call from embryology today! Of my 19 eggs that were retrieved, 15 were mature and fertilized with ICSI. Of the 15, 10 are growing and on track. I'm so excited to have 10 embies! As of now, they think that I will have a 5 day transfer. A five day transfer does give a better success rate, however nothing is a guarantee. We are staying very positive. Last night, Mr. Later Than Most said the cutest thing. He goes, " Do you realize that just 6 miles from here our DNA is determining our kids? Hair color, intelligence, boy, girl, etc" He kept going. I thought it was really cute. I think he knows that I secretly hope they have my motivation for learning and his good looks. Okay, I'm decent looking too, but no teacher wants a kid that is a pain in the ass at school!

Of all my studying-up on IF, I forgot that retrieval can really make you bloated. I'm not exaggerating here, I look at least 12 weeks pregnant. It's the evil IF game. They get you all used to waddling around and rubbing your chub. Just like how they make you take birth control and a home pregnancy test. They just like to mess with you.

So, I nearly just fell off of my couch when I read the success rates for a 5 day transfer. Twins have a 60% success rate! 60%?!!!!! Now that is buy one get one free. Could someone actually get that lucky? It seems unreal to go from not being able to have one kid to having two. Again, with this bloat I already look like twins are in the oven.


Christina Falkenstein said...

Again, remember our deal with twins. One for me, one for you! :-)

Heather said...

Awww...that was sweet that Colby said that!! Can't wait to hear the transfer news tmrw!

Heather said...

I obviously found out how to comment now---look at me!! woot woot

BBColt78 said...

Heather! Good Job!