July 29, 2010

Holy Crap

Well, I had my beta today. They absolutely promise you that they will call you as soon as the results come in. My appointment was at 7am. I had to go to class, so I turned my cell off knowing that the RE may call and I didn't want that call to come while I was in the middle of class. I'm always ready for bad news.

When class let out, I immediately turned my cell on. It was 1pm and I was positive that they would have left my message by now. BIG FAT NO! Ugh, and the stress continued!

I made my way home and once I arrived, I carried my phone everywhere. It went to the bathroom with me, the garden, and to check the mail. When you least expect it, that call comes. I was shoveling salad in my mouth!

As soon as I answered, the IF devil jumped right on my shoulder. She was ready for the bad news and had me convinced too. You see, with IVF, they tell you that you are not pregnant, or they tell you that you are pregnant and how pregnant you are. They actually give you a number. So, a first beta result could range from 7-200's and be normal. So a girl with a 35 could be as normal as a 190. So, not only was I waiting for a yes or no, I was waiting for a possible beta:

Nurse: Hi is this Melissa?

Me: Yes!

IF DEVIL: You barely know your own name.

Nurse: How are you? (Um, how do you think?)

Me: Well, I've been better.

Nurse: Oh no, you are good. You're pregnant!

Me: What? Are you sure? (lol, of course I did)

Nurse: Yes I'm sure! Congrats!

Me: What are our beta numbers?

Nurse: 141! A great number!

OH MY GOD! I'm still getting over it. I was shaking when she told me the info. In fact, I had to ask her the number 3 times in the conversation because I kept forgetting! Finally, I just wrote it down. So, like any person who is only 4 weeks and 1 day pregnant, I'm being very cautious. That number needs to double every other day, and I don't get to go back until Monday. I'm nervous for sure, but I'm soaking it all in. Today in my class, a lady told me "You can't sit around life worrying. You have to let will, what will." Know something funny, she doesn't know anything I'm going through. I think she picked up on my personality.

So for right now, I'm just in shock. Of course I had to POAS so I could finally see what those things look like when they are positive. After two years of heartache, doctors appointments, and needles: I finally have my BFP!


Heather said...

I knew those digitals would come in handy!! What a beautiful word.....PREGNANT!! woooooo hoooo!!!!! Congrats again! I have the confetti and balloons ready!!!

LGLDVM said...

I'm tearing up for you, hon! That is so freaking awesome!!!

Lauren said...

I'm soooo freakin excited for you!!!! :)

Carissa Koplin said...

I cried the second i saw this!!! You deserve this sooo much!! You will be the BEST mommy ever!!! I hope you pregnancy goes by super fast and super smooth!! And i cant wait to hear about every minute of it!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Jenny said...

Aww yay congrats! So happy for you!!

eber12 said...

I am so excited!! You would think I was the grandma.

BBColt78 said...

Thanks everyone! Your comments mean so much! You keep me going :)

Kayla Dorsey said...

Congratulations Melissa, I'm so happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

sooo soooo soooo fantastic