July 8, 2010

Celebrity Run-In

This morning I went in for ultrasound and blood work. For IVF, you go every third day (or I do). When I pulled into the parking lot, there were cars all over the place. The place was packed. Something was going on for sure. When I signed in, there were about 6 couples in the lobby. Mind you, it was 7am. I wondered what they were in for? Some blood work and monitoring like me? Beta results? Pregnancy tests? I played "Who is in for What" while I waited for my appointment. A few minutes later, the ultrasound tech came and I got me. She's super cute and always very nice. She's about my age, so we chat as she measures my follies. I mention to her that it's so crowded. I already know how popular this place is, but I've never seen it like this. She began to tell me how they "batch" patients (which I knew thanks to my need to read every IF book out there). In big offices they cycle people at the same time. So, we all take birth control pills and those going through IVF start injections at the same time. Then, Dr. Miller (my RE) can just crank out the procedures. She goes on and on about how he is a maniac and just loves what he does. She says he rarely takes a day off. I already loved Dr. Miller. I've only seen him once in about 15 appointments, but I liked him. At our first consultation, he walked into the office and said, "Well, aren't you two good looking? We HAVE to get you a baby. You'll have great looking kids." That was it for me and Mr. Later Than Most. A guy with a sense of humor is an absolute score in our book. Sad as it is, I don't get to see Dr. Miller anymore. The IVF nurse is in charge of me until my procedure. She passes my info to Dr. Miller and he tells her what to have me do. That's how they roll in busy offices, but I'm good with that.

As the ultrasound tech finishes her job, I get dressed and head out into the hall for blood work. When I sit down and pull my sleeve up, I look down the hall and notice a tiny crowd. As I look closer I notice it's him. . . Dr. Miller! It was like a celebrity experience! He was all dressed in scrubs and just finished a IVF procedure. He was chit-chatting with staff while he waited for the next procedure. I instantly wanted to run up to him and tell him how well I was doing! Kinda like a "remember me? You said I'll have a cute baby! Luckily, I imagined the IVF nurses taking me down like the way football players protect their quarterback, and that imagery kept me from running to see him. After my bloodwork was finished, I quietly walked toward the door and watched Dr. Miller tell jokes to his staff. I got into my car and waved at the building as I went by. "See you next week Dr. Miller!" I whispered.

Dr. Miller was the highlight of my day. I'll blame my paparazzi like thoughts on the meds. They must also be the reason I paid at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru this morning and then drove off without my order.


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