July 4, 2010

Back from Smuggling

having injections Pictures, Images and Photos Well, on Friday we arrived in "Farmville" which is were we gather for Mr. Later Than Mosts family functions. I'm a city girl, so this place is really out there. I've been going for years so by now I'm used to it. Although, I must point out that they didn't have water the first 4 years I went there. Yes, an outhouse was in order. So DH and I smuggled all the meds down there without anyone knowing. I'm glad we didn't say anything to people, because this was a good weekend to forget about TTC as much as possible, well, until the needles came out. Before we left, I waited and waited for my RE's office to leave my message for me. Big offices give you a voicemail box. Then, you call into it on days you had BW and ultrasound. So, the call-in hours are from 2-4pm. Well, what time do you think my message was left? Try 3:55pm. Not that I was waiting. Anyway- I couldn't get all the meds packed for the weekend until the RE left my message on my amounts. So Mr. Later Than Most came home from work to a kitchen table full of meds. Talk about confusing! We were all, "Wait, this needle goes here and that cap goes here." And then there was some of, "So wait. This vial has 2ml so that's two days worth? No one! Wait, no two!" We sat there for like 10 minutes just staring at everything. Finally, we got it all packed and put the Follstim in a little cooler. When we got to bufu, I put the Follstim in the back of the fridge and the rest in my suitcase. We got there on Thursday night. Friday night comes around fast. So far we had hidden a Mr. and Mrs. dose of antibiotics and my prenatals and aspirin. I swear, I feel like a walking pharmacy. So at 8:00, we both sneak in the bathroom and lay everything for injections. The rest of the family was hanging outside around the fire, so this was easy to do. It took us about 10 minutes to get it all done. Our nurse taught us how to combine medications to make one less injection, so there is a lot of needle switching and powder diluting. Finally, we get it all done and Mr. Later Than Most is ready to inject me. You know, when we went to injects class I thought this was a great idea, having the husband shoot-up the wife. Um, no. That shit hurts more when he does it! LOL Not because he doesn't do it right, but because you are just sitting there waiting. I decided to do it myself. So, that nice 27 gauge needle stung. It's not easy to hold the one inch need in you and inject 3 ml of liquids in. When I pulled it out, I complained a lot. This worked well, because I got all kinds of props from MH. It made me feel better. :) So Saturday night we continued the smuggling. We snuck into the bathroom and this time, right when I was about to shoot myself, I started crying! OMG! I remembered how that bastard stung the night before. Luckily, Mr. Later Than Most was like, "Someday you can tell our kids what you had to go through to get them." That made me laugh and so it didn't hurt so bad. I had to leave the family festivities a day early because I have my Day 4 blood work and ultrasound on Monday. Tonight I got all of the meds and needles lined up in the bathroom. I had a great idea and put an icepack on my stomach while I mixed all of those meds. Let me just say, by the time I screwed the final needle on the plunger thingie, my stomach was too numb to feel the alcohol swab! I shoved that needle in no problem. It didn't help me push that liquid in any faster though. Oh well! As far as I can tell, I don't have any side effects 3 days in. I think I may be a little shorter tempered with Mr. Later Than Most, because I notice he keeps saying I'm grouchy.
Tomorrow I'll have some levels to report!

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