July 10, 2010


Okay, that title is misleading. It's not like I'm having my retrieval today or anything! Actually, in about 15 minutes I'm off to the doctor's office to see how those follies are doing. I'll have a clearer picture later today, but I think I'll be triggering this weekend (HCG injection) and then having my retrieval on Monday or Tuesday. We'll find out this afternoon!

So today is a big day because I'm meeting my first "Internet" friend! My BFF Heather from TWW lives only 45 minutes away, and we have not met yet! Though we have been texting and Booking since forever, we just hadn't gotten together. I'm so excited that she invited me over. I imagine a major gab fest, along with my one glass of wine that I plan to have before retrieval. I'm sure we have a lot to talk about. Oh, and it should make a great blog tomorrow. . . .title: Heather is a Weirdo.

LOL- JUST KIDDING HEATHER (I know she reads my blog)!

On a different note, I may have left a bitchy comment on a TLC Conception Stories blog. I venture over there to keep up with Christina's progress (even though we text everyday). She's currently my only celebrity friend. Anywho- this peach of a girl went on and on how everyone should be happy for pregnant people and she is sure people look at her and think "why can't I have a baby?" Oh and the gem "Not everyone can have kids." Now, one of my friends said they really enjoy me on hormones (especially after she read the comment I left). I'm telling you right now, I would have been just as bitchy without them. I called her selfish and very self-absorbed if she thought people looked at her and wondered why they were pregnant. Oh, and she used our IF favorite "relax and it happens." M-O-R-O-N. Hey girls with one tube and no egg reserve, just friggen relax! Your tube will grow back and so will your eggs.

Great, I just ruined my acupuncture by getting all worked up again!

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