July 27, 2011

Tomorrow will be rough

Well, this is what us Bump girls call a post and run, but I needed to get the frick on here for an update already!

I will be back to work very soon, and tomorrow I'm dropping my little Brooklyn off to her babysitter. Actually, it's a nanny but in her own home so wtf do you call that? Anywho- I want to start getting them acclimated and tomorrow I drop her off for three hours. I'm freaking out! I mean, I always wanted to go back to work, but this is going to be much, much harder than I thought. And truly, I couldn't have a better set up for Miss B. This person is awesome, I already know her. B is the only kid she's watching and she lives two houses down from my school. Yet I'm freaking. It's so tough!!! And really, I'm only leaving her for three hours. To make myself feel better I emailed the nannysitter (there we go) and told her all of my concerns. I told her how I watched an episode of Oprah and a mom left her baby in the car on a hot summer day. The mom was in a routine and just forgot her very own baby. I told the nannysitter that I was deathly afraid of doing this myself, and now I have to worry about her too because a baby is not part of her routine. I also told her that babies need to be put on their backs to sleep now, and that they can't have blankets. I told her how B loves to rub her face with her little blankie and that's how I know it's nap time. I also told her how B has gotten scared of things lately, and may pout and cry if she sees something scary. Normally, I can calm her well, hopefully this person can too.

Great, now I'm crying! Son of a bitch! I guess I should go back through my blogs and remember that I was a mess this time last year wondering if my IVF worked. Now, I have different things to worry about and though they may be though, I'd take them in a heartbeat.

I'll let you know how it goes.

July 20, 2011

Three Months

Well, I'm late, but Miss Brooklyn is three months old. Where the frick did that time go? This must be what everyone talks about when they say, "enjoy it while you can." We've really been enjoying it, that's why I haven't posted in so long!

B and I are spending a ton of time with S and the girls. It's just too fun! Yesterday I had all three of them lined up on the rug and I was talking to them. They were each making noises back to me and just staring at me. It was the cutest thing. I think Brooklyn knows she has friends. She just stares at each one of them when they play together. I love it! S and I can't wait until they can really interact. OMG- the other day they were all sucking on each other's hands. Miss B was sucking on M's hand and M was sucking on N's hand. It was sooooo funny. We should've taken a pic, but we almost peed our pants watching them. You'd think they have no toys.

Speaking of toys, I'm out of control. Amazon and I are way too good of friends. I'm always ordering stuff for B. Okay, I haven't ordered in like a week so I guess it's not really "always." But the stuff I buy, she just loves! How can you not? And, I don't want to go there on the clothes. Okay, but in my defense, I buy a lot of B's clothes used. So it's not like I'm paying full price. We have a chain of kids' stores that sell used clothing and they have great stuff. Actually, a lot of the stuff I buy still has the tags! That's why Mr. Later Than Most doesn't say too much. I think it's apparent that my Coach diaper bag was probably the last nice thing I will buy for myself. :)

On a more insane note, my friend had a little baby boy the other day. I didn't even see him in person, just a picture and now I want a boy. Son of a bitch! How does that happen? I swear, FaceBook is to blame for a lot of stuff.

July 5, 2011

It's Been a Year

Before I begin, Brooklyn has found her "voice." She is behind me screaming for just pure fun, joy, and basically to hear herself. She's kinda like her momma. :)

If you go back through my blog you'll realize that it's exactly one year ago that I started my IVF cycle. At that time I thought the end of the world was near. A lot of "why me's" took place. Why can't I have a baby the "normal" way? Why do I have to do these injections? Why is it a possibility that this whole thing can blow-up in our faces? If you are a regular follower, you remember my blog about smuggling. Mr. Later Than Most and I never told anyone about our struggles, but we had a family get together planned for the 4th of July. I wanted to tell Mr. Later Than Mosts mom so she could help us out a little, but he disagreed. So, we planned to get all of our IVF crap together and smuggle it to the family gathering.

What I remember most is how Mr. Later Than Most and I were both like deer in headlights when we were packing. Of course we went to our injection class and I (once again) had done way too much studying and the drugs and what we should do. In fact, Mr. Later Than Most took extensive notes at our class and I was glad because the nurse truly talked a mile a minute. So, there we were with a crapload of needles, pills, and liquids and no clue what we were supposed to take with us. If you are bored, I advise you to go back and read some of those blogs. They are kinda funny.

So, Mr. LTM and I were at the same gathering this weekend. As we were driving somewhere I said, "It was one year ago that we started doing those injections." He says, "No way." The year went by fast. I can't believe it!

Brooklyn will be three months old on Friday. She is such a doll. She's a good, good little baby. Kinda spoiled already but I'm trying not to do that! As I've said before, I'm finally all adjusted now. We are really enjoying our time together before I have to go back to work.

On my last post I said that most of my internet girls are finally pregnant but I have two girls IRL that were struggling. Well, I got great news that friend #2 had a successful IVF and she is about 13 weeks along! Friend #1 is starting an injectable IUI cycle this week. They've been trying for over 2 years, so hopefully good news soon!