June 29, 2010

Let the Cycle Begin!

For the first time in two years, I'm happy to see good ole AF! There she was today, just four days after BC ends and day 7 of Lupron! Whoo hoo! Let me say, I'll be glad to ditch this Lupron! The injections are simple, but I have not slept in days. Kinda didn't notice that possible side effect!

So, I'm all excited to call the RE today because I know they'll let me come in ASAP for blood and an ultrasound. Well, not exactly. I called and they were full tomorrow! Holy fricken crap! How do you not allow an IVF patient to get a day 1 appointment? Well, actually I know the answer. They have to do all of the BW by 9:30am so it can't be sent to the hospital and back by 3pm. So, that's why they couldn't get me in. DARN! So my bloodwork and ultrasound are on Thursday. I'll take my Lupron on Thursday morning and be to the doctor by 7am. They'll do my bloodwork, ultrasound, and hormone levels as a baseline to compare the rest of the cycle to. Once the IVF doctor hears my levels, they'll varify how many units of Menopur and Follistim I'll start injecting. Luckily, MH seems to know how to mix the two (this is okay to do) and so I'll only have two shots a day for now. One in the morning and one at night. I'm suppose to start my stims (injections to grow follies) on Friday! I'm so excited because my TWW buddie Babatte is suppose to start the same day! Yahoo!

It's all so crazy. It comes so fast and here it's moving right along. I want to stay positive, but I'm an internet junkie who searches and searches too much. Ah, I need yoga today!

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