October 1, 2010

Hello Week 13

Yes, yes! The title shouts it from the roof-tops. . . week 13! First, I'd like to say that the IF devil is almost out the door. She seems to visit less frequent, which is just great! I'm getting tired of her bullshit ideas that just never pan out. Good riddance to her!

So week 13 has been interesting. I know the baby is growing fast and all, but holy cramps of stretching this week! Two nights I was up in the middle of the night with "stretching" (which feel like cramps). It's really scary, especially since you have no clue what it is. It wasn't painful for anything. . . just there. Either way, two nights for about 20 minutes and it was gone.

I've done a little shopping. I went to this sale and bought some baby clothes. I love a good sale. Let me tell you though. . . there is not much in the neutral department. So, I bought some general colored stuff and of course, the clothes shopping will happen after Trouble gets here. Until then, the few yellow and green things will do, which Mr. Later Than Most is not too fond of! LOL

Other than that, I'm just taking each day at a time. I'm reading all my books slowly working my way off of these progesterone suppositories. I've been taking them since July 13! October 6th is my last day with them. Maybe they will take the IF devil with them for good!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you sounding more confident and relaxed. Pretty soon you will probably notice some little butterfly like feelings. Those are usually the start of the little kicks. Most likely a few weeks off yet. Glad all is going well. You deserve that.

BBColt78 said...

Oh can't wait for those! Thanks!

Christina said...

Well hello stranger! :-) I miss you, I feel like I haven't chatted with you in awhile! I read your blog over at TWW about the placenta previa thing and though it's scary, I hear it's fairly common early on and hopefully it will all correct itself. I've been thinking about you! Yay for being in the 2nd tri! woot!woot!