December 23, 2010

A Blog for You

**I'm having trouble commenting on my blog and others. So, I do read your comments, I just can't say anything back!

I'm a regular on My forum type visiting began two years ago when I came across TwoWeekWait. It looks like FaceBook, but it's a pregnancy and trying to conceive community. After being there almost two years, I ventured over to TheBump. I like it because it's a little less puppies and rainbows. Also, it seemed as though all the girls on TWW were getting pregnant, and I was not. I found my main board on TheBump. . . Trouble Trying to Conceive and that's where my addiction began. I've met some great girls. Now, I check in on there and I'm more of a regular on the Pregnant After Infertility board. I love it there. The girls have been through what I have, if not more, and it's nice to know others who've had a similar background.

Anyway- where am I going with this? I frequent random Bump boards and came across a link to a blog. It's about a Bumpie who just found out her little girl (about 3 months old), has a brain tumor. This all just happened within the past week. If you are interested (and I think you will be) check out Butterflies, a blog about little baby Scarlett.

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