September 10, 2010

Shopping and Family

I did make my way to Amazon after my 10 week OB appointment. I bought the Baby Bargains book like I wanted, and I also bought a home fetal heart detector. This is weird I know, but so many girls buy it, so I gave in. It was only $30 on Amazon, so I figured it would be a good buy even if it didn't work.

So, the device came yesterday. I followed the directions and poured some water on my stomach. I dragged the monitor across my abdomen for about 15 minutes. I did it nice and slow like my OB did, and focused on my left side because that is where she found Trouble's heartbeat on Tuesday. After 15 minutes, I found nothing. I wasn't disappointed though. The OB couldn't find it for 5 minutes, so nothing made me think that it was an easy job. I promised myself that I wouldn't get obsessive with my new toy, and I put it away.

Tonight Mr. Later Than Most left for volleyball. This was the perfect opportunity to try the monitor again. I didn't tell him about my new toy because I want to be successful with it first. Before I gave it a try, I logged into Amazon and read more ratings. Many buyers suggested to switch the headphones out with IPod ones. Well, I did that and found little Trouble's heartbeat in less than one minute! It was so cool. The funny part is that Trouble was on the right side instead of the left like on Tuesday! How fun! I can't wait to show Mr. Later Than Most my trick! He hasn't heard the heartbeat yet!

Well, all week I've been wondering how to tell my family about our news. There are a couple of issues though. First, I was very overwhelmed with Mr. Later Than Most's family and their excitement, so I figured telling in person wasn't going to work. It nearly gave me a panic attack last weekend. In this day and age, I think texting is very acceptable. Especially if you do it right! So, On Thursday morning, I sent my mom and two sisters a picture of Trouble on their cell phones. The text said, "Does this baby look like me or Mr. Later Than Most?" LOL Well, I had three phone calls within 10 minutes. They actually loved the way I told them. Also, my younger sister got all emotional, so I was glad that I was on the phone and not in person. As I said, I don't deal well with that. I'm a little weird!

So, now both families know! It's earlier than I wanted, but I have a friend's trip next weekend that will bring me out of state. I need to tell my friends before that, and family just had to know before friends.

Oh, one more detail. When Mr. Later Than Most told his family, at some point he told them that we had a boy's name all picked out. His mom replied, "Why would you put a boy's name on a girl?" I thought that was funny :)

Happy Friday!

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