October 6, 2010

Love That New OB

My first OB appointment with my new doctor was a great success. I love him. He answered a million of my questions and was very kind and polite. I even got an ultrasound!!!! I was not expecting that! Let me tell you, Trouble had the hiccups (yes, little 14 week hiccups) and it was the cutest thing ever. Mr. Later Than Most did not even believe me when I told him that. He said the baby was too little for hiccups. . . lol.

You know me, I don't attend a doctor appointment without issues. So, during my ultrasound the doctor told me that the placenta is over the cervix. This is known as placenta previa. I've heard of it, and this was not the news I wanted. Don't worry, I left the office before I cried (ugh, I'm such a baby). Anyway- after freaking Mr. Later Than Most out (I really feel sorry for that guy), I went home and did some research. It's for sure something that can fix itself and apparently has time to do so. Luckily, my best teaching partner talked to her MFM daughter-in-law for me. Love, love Dr. Jill. She was able to bring me back to reality, whi
ch Mr. Later Than Most is most grateful for. So, I woke up today and thought, "Damn, I need to be more positive and freaking quit worrying about what I can't control." Then, I used that positive statement as an excuse to order bedding for the nursery. Okay wait, before you think I'm slightly looney. . . go back through my blogs and read about Baby BiPolar Disorder. I have the pregnant version. The one in my blog is the infertility version, which I will never get rid of anyway.

So, before I post a picture of the bedding, let me warn you that I do not own a ranch. My husband and I are not farmers. Though we do fancy a rural town visit, this bedding just appealed to me and I have no clue why. I know it's early, but I love it and so does Mr. Later Than Most. I did have one already in mind (cute little forest friends), but Mr. Later Than Most was not excited with it. Something about bland colors! Anway- here it is. I'll let you know if it keep it :)


BBColt78 said...

Forgot to mention that I'm a little indecisive on the Paris theme. I need to evaluate again!

Tara_84 said...

What does MFM stand for?? You think Id know by now after how many yrs on tww hehe. BTW, loving that bedding my dear, sososo cute!! Also, my sis had Placenta Previa up until her 30 wk appointment (by which point it had corrected itself) and delivered her beautiful daughter without any complications (I think my neice and ur neice share a birthday) Love Tara (your Aussie tww friend)

BBColt78 said...

Tara! Thanks so much for the comments! I'm glad you like the bedding!

MFM stands for maternal fetal medicine. In the states, they are normally known as our "high-risk" doctors. My new OB sends all IVF patients to an MFM. Also, they do some other fetal tests that others may not get. I'll be doing a stress test too. To my knowledge, it allows the doctors to see how the baby reacts to contractions. How they do that, I have no clue!

Tara said...

I love the bedding!! So cute! We did the "little forest creature" theme :) honestly, I sorta wish I had just done something really basic and waited a few months to see what my baby seemed attracted to and then picked out a theme. because now, all the bunnies and whatnot do not seem manly enough for my little man! LOL