November 3, 2010

Baby on the Move

For about two weeks I've thought that I could maybe feel this baby moving. It's so tricky. Here and there I'm like, "What's that?" Sometimes it felt like my stomach growling. Other times it was just a light brushing. I was feeling it for what I thought was once to twice a day. Well, until yesterday.

Yesterday we had an institute day so I sat all day. All morning I had lots of fluttering and what feels like ticking in my stomach. Sometimes it felt like I was on a roller coaster and my stomach was dropping. This went on here and there ALL DAY LONG! I laughed almost every time. For some reason I think it's so funny. Today, the same thing was happening. Here and then when I would sit, I could feel some squirming going on. 18 weeks is kinda early, but I know that it's nothing else. When I feel it, I kinda stop everything and just try to find the words to describe what I'm feeling. Mr. Later Than Most thinks I'm crazy. I told him that the baby was doing flip flops yesterday. Heehehehe

We've done a little more purchasing. I dragged Mr. Later Than Most to Babies R Us on Saturday for a teaching lesson. I trained him well. He now knows what infant, convertible, and booster
seats are. I heard him ask his mom to test him on the phone the other day (hahahahaha). We picked out our stroller (Baby Jogger City Mini). Well, this weekend I went hunting on Craig's List and found the infant seat adapter for the stroller. Someone was selling it in the box for half price. So, we went downtown tonight and picked it up. The lady liked us so much that she also gave us her barely used (and neutral colored) Bumbo. Sweet!

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Anonymous said...

thats so exciting... your belly looks great
from Bensmum at TWW :-)