September 5, 2010

We're Out

Mr. Later Than Most's family arrived on Saturday morning. We had huge plans to go to the Cubs game and have a good dinner. We don't see them but 4 or 5 times a year, so naturally I thought it would be a great idea for us to let them in on our secret. It was a good plan, but Mr. Later Than Most said he wasn't ready to tell people and that it was still kind of early. I agreed. I guess I feel further along because I've had so many ultrasounds and so many appointments. Plus, I got to hear that fab heartbeat this week!

So, I worked hard to make sure my clothes were baggy. This bloat does not help the situation. Right before we left, MLTM asked me if I hid the ultrasound pictures like he'd asked. I told him yes and that I put them in the drawer in the bedroom so no one would find them. Then, we all left for the game.

We arrived at the game, got our food, and settled in. As a couple of innings went by, I kept thinking about how cool it would have been to tell his family about Trouble. I daydreamed a little about it being shown on the announcement board. Then I started thinking about how cool it would have been if we brought the ultrasound picture and passed it down to them with beer money or something. After my daydream, I looked down at Mr. Later Than Most. He was on the end, then my MIL, FIL, SIL, grandmother in law, and finally me. When I looked down at him I noticed he handed something folded to his mom. "It couldn't be." I thought. Yep, he was handing his mother a folded ultrasound picture!!!! She opened it up and freaked out. The whole family started hugging and saying over and over, "Is this real? Are you guys joking?" My husband is quite the trickster, so I could easily see their concern.

I was shocked at that moment. I couldn't believe he did it and didn't tell me. It was like a surprise for me too. I'm glad he did, because it prepared me for how people react. There were tears and lots of questions. LOTS OF QUESTIONS. Everything from how I'm feeling to how long did we try. YIKES! As I had mentioned, Mr. Later Than Most is not up for telling others about the IVF. So, my response to questions was, "Oh, I'll let him answer the questions!"

It was quite an overwhelming experience! This morning I punched him in bed and told him he tricked me. We decided to get our act together and make sure that we had a story for when people ask about our TTC experience. I was glad to hear Mr. Later Than Most say that he wanted to tell people it took us two years, but he wasn't ready for the IVF part. I'm so glad he came around on how long it took us to try. I don't want to hide that from people. I want others to know that this doesn't happen right away for everyone. I'm proud of my struggles and IVF success, but the IVF part will wait a bit. I will be telling my family about it though :)

So, now we are partly out of the closet! It's weird, because now we can talk about it with them. Getting it out actually gave me more confidence for some reason. Hopefully that confidence doesn't take me to Carter's and their Labor Day sale!

P.S. Because of our company, I'm not editing my post today! I hope it all makes sense!


Anonymous said...

What fun! So MLTM couldn't wait any longer. I guess he is pretty excited. I am glad for you. It is hard to keep a secret especially when you have gone through all that you have. When do you think you will come out to your family?

BBColt78 said...

Hmmm, I'm thinking this week. I hate to leave them behind! That would be terrible if the word leaked before I told them! LOL