November 11, 2010

Feeling Good :)

Not too much going on here, which is honestly the way I like it! Slowly but surely we've been buying a couple of things here and there as deals arise. I've been playing around with online wish lists at BuyBuyBaby and Babies R Us. It seems that Mr. Later Than Most and I will register after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. My sisters have a place all searched out for the shower, and it appears that it will be February 12th. I can't believe how close that can be.

In the meantime, my goal tonight is to check out all of the classes that my hospital offers. Being the teacher that I am, I plan to sign up for a couple. Mr. Later Than Most has been asking about which classes we'll be taking, but he said I can't tell his friends. ha! Apparently one of his friends signed up for a "car seat" class and everyone thought it was funny. I think I'll skip that class, but I'll still use the local fire department to double check our work. Although, it's a little early to think about installing a car seat. :)

I'm so, so excited for our MFM appointment on Wednesday! Even though we are not find out the sex, we still can't wait to see this little one on the screen. Mr. Later Than Most hasn't been able to attend an u/s since week 6 when I had that perigestational bleed. So, I'm sure he'll be impressed with what he sees.

As for shopping, we have bought more than I thought I would at this point. Well, I just love shopping in general, so that seems to be the problem! Ha! So far we have a bassinet, many neutral clothing items, a few books and toys, the infant seat and base, a Boppy, and Bumbo. Oh, and last weekend I bought a glider! I couldn't help it! It was a really great deal and the wood is black. I haven't seen one with black wood before! For the nursery, we plan on doing black and cherry. My friend is giving me her crib from Land of Nod, and it's cherry. Then we'll do a cherry changing table. We plan to use a shelving unit from Ikea and it will be black. Then the glider is black and tan. We plan on painting the walls white and having a black chair rail go around the room. It's not very nursery like, but we're not too much into the brightly painted walls. I'm not sure that I can picture everything in my mind, but I'm sure it'll come together :)

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SO happy that all is going well