December 30, 2010

GD Test Details and Another IVF

I still can't make comments on my blog. I have no clue how to fix it! Also, the spell check disappeared! Ha!

Today I went for my gestational diabeties test. I'll give some details for those who still need to do hers or will someday. :)

My test was done out of Quest Diagnostics (lab). I know some doctors do theirs right in the office but mine was a lab order. First, I was told to fast for at least two hours. Well, mine was early in the morning so I just drank water. I got there and they had me drink a small bottle of what tasted like flat, orange soda. I've heard people say that it's really gross but it didn't bother me at all. The only problem was that the darn thing was so cold! They give you 5 minutes to drink it and I gulped mine down in about two. Then, they sent me to the waiting room and said that I must remind them if they don't come to get me in an hour. I was not allowed to leave the building, but it was okay to venture off to the restroom. After an hour, the lab tech came right to get me. They took two vials (small) of blood. One was to check the sugar level and the other was to check my iron levels to see if my anemia is all gone or worse. So, I have a regular OB appointment in a week, and I'll get my results then. The doctor said that the cut off for blood sugar is 134. Anything higher is a "fail" and I'll have to do the three hour test. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I'm not worried about it :)

Well, the other IVF is not for me! Tricked you! For those who have read since the beginning, you've heard me talk about my friend Heather. We met on TWW and have texted every day for at least year. We've also met up a couple of times. Anyway- tomorrow she starts her IVF journey. Her papers and meds are all ready, and tomorrow she starts her shots. I sent her a big IVF care package this week. Inside was chocolate for stress, bookies on IF and IVF, a Hope ornament, and a couple of baby items. One item was a Chicago White Sox onesie and bib. That purchase nearly killed me as I'm a huge Chicago Cubs fan. Also, I sent her a little baby security blanket. When I was TTC, I would not buy baby stuff. It was like a jinx waiting to happen. When I did IVF, all of that changed. I went with the "If you build it, they will come" motto. I bought a couple of baby books and wore a maternity shirt to my transfer. So, I built it for Heather and I know a baby will come for her. Good luck Heather! You can do it!


Christina said...

Yay for hearing that the infamous orange liquid wasn't all that horrible! I'm sure it can't be any worse than the God awful stuff I had to drink for the colonoscopy! eek! This is so it for Heather, I'm super excited to hear her good news! YAYYYYY!!!!!

BBColt78 said...

Here I am trying to comment on again!

BBColt78 said...

OMG! It worked!

Christina said...

Yay!! haha! Glad you figured it out! :-)

heather said...

I just know that you are going to pass that test! The package was just wonderful! I love everything that you put in are such a great friend to have! Your support means so much and without you I probably would not be doing this IVF. Your the best!
love ya!!