October 28, 2010

I'm Slacking!

I've been slacking on the updates! Actually, I do update when I have something, but I haven't had too much to discuss!

Luckily, that little pregnancy ticker is moving right along. I went to my regular OB today and everything went well. The baby's heartbeat was good at 155ish beats per minute. Mine was 130! LOL I've gained 1.5 pounds total. Yes, I know I will gain more, but that number makes me cringe. All the damn books say 5-10 pounds is normal for where I am, so now I feel guilty. My doctor does not care too much though. He said as long as the baby is growing then I'm good to go. Either way, I still make sure to shove down a glass of chocolate milk each morning!

At my appointment today I had a Quad Screening done. This is where they take a vial of blood and test it for four types of diseases/defects. I should have the results of the test next week.

When the doctor listened to the baby's heartbeat he said, "WOW. That's one strong heartbeat." Hahaha. I think he knows me well. That comment sent me skipping out of the office. It was like I was a little kid and the doctor just put a sticker on my chart. It's a good feeling!

New bump pics coming soon!

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