September 1, 2010

U/S Update

Well, the nurse at my OB office called me back today. They left me a voicemail saying they did in fact want me to have an ultrasound before my first appointment. So, when I called to schedule, they only had 12:30pm! Yes! It was 11:30, in the middle of the school day, and they had nothing for the rest of the week. Are you kidding me? Luckily I have the best principal in the world, who allowed another teacher to cover my room, while I ran to my ultrasound. Mind you, she only had to cover it for 20 minutes, I had an hour plan period in there.

So, it was my first time back at the OB's office since
the referred me to the IVF clinic. It was weird walking in there. The nice thing was that I actually felt like I fit in! The bad thing was that I was so nervous. For Pete's sake, I can present in front of a large group with about two minutes notice, and these damn doctor appointments scare the bejesus out of me!

The good news is that this little baby looks great! Now, if you remember, the IVF put my due date at April 6th. Since every ultrasound I've had, the baby was always a day ahead. So, the EDD changed to April 5th. Well, today it was measuring another day ahead! LOL- Of course we don't keep changing the due date!

So, Trouble is one inch long which is perfect for 9 weeks. I got to hear the heartbeat too!!! It was so cool. The hb was measuring 170bpm which is perfect. The tech also checked my ovaries to make sure they are doing well since the IVF. She said the right one is still swollen, but it isn't giving me any trouble at all. Oh, and the news. . . . she said the bleed is gone! Now, how fab is that? Well, the only thing is, I'm such a friggen negative Nelly that I keep thinking, "Well, maybe she missed it." Hello? Who does that? Mr. Later Than Most wanted to kick my ass when I told him that one. Hahahahaha. He has a lot of patience these days!
So, so far so good. It's so nice to get good news at those appointments. I will go back on Tuesday for my regular checkup. Don't worry, I'm asking if they can check that bleed one more time! I know, I'm too much! But I don't think they
should check it next week. Just in the next three weeks or so. LOL

Here is Trouble: Measuring 9w2d (picture has been removed)


renekeith0809 said...

You are not to much! You are just a MOM concerned about her little baby. I am soooo glad that bleed is history!!!! THAT IS GREAT NEWS.

STL34 said...

That is awesome news about the bleed being gone! Also, if the baby keeps growing at little on the fast side, you might have an April Fool's day baby!