December 20, 2010

Time to Get Some Work Done (Major Pics!!!!)

I can't believe that I'll be 25 weeks this week! My goal is to get this house ready for baby by 32 weeks. I'm sure that's early to some, but that's my goal!

This weekend we went and bought our nursery furniture. Now, I love shopping and anyone who knows me knows that I love to spend money. There are some places, however, where I am kinda cheap. For instance, my wedding. I still had the day of my dreams for under $10,000. We paid for it ourselves and already had our house, so we were not interested in dropping $20,000 on one day. Nursery furniture is my other place that I don't want to spend a ton of money. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally excited and can't wait to have it all prepared, but do I really need to buy a $500 crib? No way man. So, this weekend Mr. Later Than Most and I packed up the car and headed to Ikea. Of course, I already knew everything that I wanted. Thanks to the Baby Bargains book, I picked my crib out a long time ago. The crib was only $130 at Ikea and has great safety ratings. It's solid beech wood and converts to a toddler bed. I actually like it a lot. Mr. Later Than Most and I are very neutral people. It looks like the baby's room will be painted an ivory or cream color. The main colors of furniture will be black and the beechwood color. The curtains will be chocolate brown. It's kind of hard to imagine, but I'll put as many pictures on here as I can.

I may have mentioned before, but I have literally bought mostly everything for the nursery. If you remember, we went with a western type bedding. I've bought the glider which is tan and black. The shag area rug is chocolate, tan and black mix. Wait, this description is getting a little out of control. Pictures may work better!
Ikea CribIkea bookcases Expedit: We will put cloth drawers in these for clothes. One will be placed horizontal and one will be vertical ($69 each). . .

Here are the cloth drawers (we don't have the dresser thing). The drawers are from Menards ($5.95 for two on Black Friday):

Here is the bedding. We got it at ($160 for bedding, mobile $40 at, diaper stacker $17 at

Here is the shelf that matches the crib ($39 at Ikea). I'm going to put the Woody and Jesse dolls on the shelf (Woody doll $21 and Jesse $24 at

Here is the glider. I actually got it used at Once Upon a Child. It's in excellent condition ($80 for glider and ottoman):

This is similar to the area rug we bought. Ours is from Kohls ($80 regularly $200):

These are the wall decorations (decal $10 at Hobby Lobby and stars $11 on I like the saying and the mirrored stars!

These stars will go in a corner of the room ($8 each on I plan to hang them from fish line. I bought two of each color:

These are two western decorations to bring the theme together. They measure about 8 inches. I will put them on one of the black shelves ($8 each). Both are from Hobby Lobby

I bought this pony on a stick to hang from Ikea shelf:

Here are the curtains. I opted for black-out curtains. I bought white sheers to go behind them ($15 a panel and sheers $6 a panel). They are from

I plan to put three of these on a wall. I'm not sure which pictures will go in them yet. They are sold at Micheals Crafts ($8 each):

Here is our crib mattress. It's an organic, foam mattress. It has no coils, but is just as firm. I didn't enjoy laying on it ($105 at!

We just ordered this soother for the crib. I got such a good deal that I had to post it! It sells for $49 at Babies R Us and $39 in Walmart stores. I got it for $19 on A girl on TheBump posted it and I flew to the site to buy one! It has music, lights, and water.

Well, I think that should do it! Even though it took me forever to post all of these pictures, it feels great to have them all in one place. Maybe I should do a future picture-post of all of the gear I want and have!

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Heather said...

Wow-great choices! Maybe in the picture frame you can put a ultrasound pic. I love how it is all coming together! And what a bargain~um you forgot one thing though....a belly pic! :-) And yes, we still have to set a date!