August 31, 2010

Short and Sweet!

I went back to school today. Everything was great! Well, the kids were okay but I had no bleeding! Whoo hoo!

One of my online friends suggested that I call my OB and see if they planned on scanning an u/s on me next week because of the bleed. I called and. . . . NOPE! They weren't going to! So, a nurse just called me back and I told them my concern. She said she'll talk with the doctor tomorrow and see if they want me this week or next week for an u/s. News flash- no u/s at all equals me and baby getting a new doctor this week. Good thing I didn't pay for my IVF, I would have been all, "Listen, I paid $26,000 to get this baby. Give me my damn ultrasound." Now that's not very teacher-like is it? Um, yea it probably is!

Well, I'm off to a live fantasy football draft. Yea, my husband does it and I joined him a few years ago. I have won before, so I'm not quitting!

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