December 4, 2010

Went to Labor and Delivery Today

What a day. All I know is I had plans to go and register at BabiesRUs today. Mr. Later Than Most got me up and was ready to go and cut down our Christmas tree. The day was panning out fabulously! We made hot chocolate and headed out to the Christmas tree farm. On the way, Mr. Later Than Most stopped in a parking lot to check-out a new store. The next thing I knew, we were sliding into another car (it snowed here today). I immediately freaked-out as I remember my OB telling me that a trip to Labor and Delivery is a must for any type of accident or fall. First, I couldn't believe that this was all about to happen. One minute I had a fab day planned, and the next minute I was calling the doctor-on-call to make sure that I should really go into L&D. Sure enough, they wanted me in.

So, off to the hospital we went. Of course my mind and body started playing tricks on me. Are those cramps? Was that a contraction? I'm such a freak.

After a long trip through the halls (that place is huge), I finally checked in. The nurses were very, very nice. They told me that they would strap me and the baby up for contractions and fetal heart monitoring. They also said I would have an ultrasound and some blood ran just to make sure all was fine. I found out quickly that I'm not a fan of fetal heart monitoring. Every inconsistency in heart rate gave me a heart attack. I got the nurse to turn the sound off so I didn't hear it any more. Mr. Later Than Most wasn't a fan of the monitoring either, he watched it like a hawk for quite a while. While the nurse was getting some things ready, she squinted at the monitor, unstrapped me, and began to move the monitor all around. I watched my husband as he watched the monitor very closely. After about a minute of searching, I closed my eyes to avoid take everything in and to try and stay calm. Finally, she strapped us back up and left. I asked my husband, "What the hell happened? She couldn't find the heart beat for a while?" He goes, "Oh no, it was there. She got it in a better spot." YIKES! Talk about panic.

The ultrasound tech came in about 25 minutes later. She unhooked the monitors and gelled me up. She first checked the cervix. Then she showed us the little one and he/she was moving all around. She said, "Well, it's very active!" That was good to see of course! Then she checked the placenta and turned everything off. Unfortunately, the tech in the hospital isn't allowed to give you results, but thankfully this little cutie said, "I am not allowed to give you results, but you'll get them soon." Then, she gave me the biggest smile that was humanly possible. Thank goodness for her knowing I could use some reassurance.

After she left the nurse came back in. She hooked me back up to the contraction monitor and did away with the darned fetal heart monitor. That thing drove me crazy, and the anterior placenta wasn't helping! Finally, about 45 minutes later, the nurse came in and said all of my monitoring, bloodwork and ultrasound checks were normal. Mr. Later Than Most and I got our things, and collected my discharge instructions.

What a day. I planned on getting so much done, and then ended up in the hospital for monitoring. I do appreciate the careful planning and over cautiousness of the doctors though. Even with all those great results, I still came home worrying. The baby knows I'm a freak, it keeps moving all around so I know things are okay. I'm going to need some Xanax when this kid comes out. . . I'll be a nervous wreck!

I'm thankful for the great test results and can't wait until this day is a mere memory. :)


Anonymous said...

ahh you poor thing.. at least all is good... im hoping the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly
Benmum xx

Nicole said...

I'm glad that you are fine. Go to L&D can be a pain. With you being so early the baby has A LOT of room to move around. Even with me going in at 33wks out little girl would always move away from the monitor. The next time you got to your MFM, ask them if they are going to start monitoring you, they usually monitor their patience at about 24wks I believe to see if you're prone to having contractions early. Just trying to prepare you for that, since I know you don't like the fetal monitor. But just know anytime you go to L&D that the first thing they're going to look for and it may seem like it'll take forever to find the heartbeat sometimes. Remember pull out that doppler if you need to. But I'm glad you and your LO are ok. ((HUGS))

Christina said...

YIKES!!!! I can't believe that! I'm SO glad to hear that all was fine, and the baby is doing well! I bet it was scary though....whew!!! xoxo