September 27, 2010

I'm All Out

Well, everyone knows by now. I don't think there is one person we know who doesn't know. It feels good to be all out :) The best thing happened today! Mr. Later Than Most has a close friend that he plays volleyball with. Well, we haven't told her yet. We planned to tell her tonight for a Bear's game viewing. Wellllllll, she emailed him that she is due in May! Whoo hoo! It'll be fun for us to be able to chat. We aren't that close, but it's still fun. She was so excited to hear our news as well!

Yesterday Mr. Later Than Most and I were shopping at Target. I dragged him to the baby stuff to show him what type of stuff people need. Well, it was so funny! He found a travel system and high chair he liked! Ha! He was pushing the stroller down the isle to see if he like it. It was so cute. He was pushing and I was testing the weight of the infant seat. Unfortunately the whole set gets terrible reviews in my Baby Bargains book, but it was fun anyway.

I did have to surrender my heart monitor one more time. Mr. Later Than Most took it back and said I can have it once a week. I had that crazy IF addiction again. I was checking twice a day. Hey, when you have no symptoms, you have to cling to something!

I'm trying to decide if I should go to a baby resale this Thursday night. I know my mom would go with me, but I keep saying, "it's early." I would love to go though. Recycling is fab for the environment and I love a good bargain. Hmmmmmmmm. . . .

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