August 28, 2010

Day by Day

School has truly taken over. This week has been so busy. Though it wasn't a full week, I've come home and been more than exhausted! It's always hard to get back into the groove of things.

Things have been going really well. I know the RE told me that my bleed was getting much smaller, but I'm dying to know where it is now. I'm hoping my OB will allow me a first scan to see where it is. Other than that, we are just taking it day by day. Mr. Later Than Most is rather out of control lately. Starting this week he's been "baby this" and "baby that." It's really weird considering he doesn't want to tell anyone until 16 weeks. He did say something funny last night though. He goes, "Man, we really have a lot to buy. We should start shopping at 13 weeks." This was music to my recreational shopping ears! You see, I know Mr. Later Than Most very well. I have not mentioned any shopping, purchasing, or other baby ideas (well, partly because I'm still a little scared). I know that if I don't mention any of it to him, he eventually will think of it on his own and he loves his "own ideas." I guess this is a tiny form of manipulation but it's totally harmless!

As I mentioned, four ultrasounds later and I'm still nervous. Each day I wake up and think "am I still pregnant?" It's so dumb, but it's the damn infertility Devil. She still hangs around a bit, but she is definitely on her way out the door. I'll show her ass. I'm going to add a pregnancy ticker to my blog today. Take that witch!

Things are coming full circle for me today. It's my nieces first birthday. On this day last year I truly hit rock bottom. My sister had her second baby in the time that I couldn't come up with one. I remember how hard this day was for me. Now, one year later, today is a totally different story.

Life is good!

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