October 10, 2010

First Shower- As an Attendee

Before I give an IF rant, I just want to get this out: I just realized my kid is gifted! Yup, in utero and so advanced! It's just that Trouble had the hiccups at this week's ultrasound. That was at exactly 14 weeks. In my baby books it says that babies may get the hiccups around 16 weeks! Yes! I better start looking into alternative schools for the advanced! Heheehehehehee.

So, today I will be attending my first baby shower. Nope, not for me (duh), but for a friend. Wait, wait, wait, you remember her, right? Mrs. February 2010? Mr. Later Than Most's BFF wife? She planned two years ahead to get pregnant in February 2010 and it worked! Now she is gifted! Anyway- her shower is today. This will be my first shower in about a year and a half. I hate to generalize, but I think it's safe to say that girls who deal with IF kinda skip baby showers. They have to wash their hair that day or they have another "function" to go to. Showers are so uncomfortable when everyone is discussing something you can't have.

So, why am I bringing this up? I'm totes preggo, right? Well my blog friend, those damn feelings kinda don't go away. I have no clue why. Yes, it will be easier for me to attend this shower, but for some reason, I still resent long conversations about baby making and how long it took people to get pregnant. It's my own problem, I do know that. But come on, when someone complains about blah blah, "I hate all those times I have to give blood for testing" or "That blood pressure cuff really hurts" it's hard for me to hold back without saying, "Try shooting yourself in the stomach three times a day for two weeks! Pure enjoyment." Okay- we all know I said the shots weren't that bad (and they weren't). I just hate when people complain about something that's really not that big of an issue (to me obviously). Yup, the IF mind sticks around, even after you achieve your goal. So, long story short, I will try to be on my best behavior today. Bitter is not a part of the pregnancy glow! :)

As for other updates, I'm just trucking right along. I'm not going to lie, I've convinced myself that this will be my only child. No, Mr. Later Than Most does not know this. It's just all of the twinges and pains and cramps worry me way too much. How funny is that? I could care less about the labor part or c-section, whatever! I just am scared to death of the process to get there! LOL- I'm totally ass-backwards! I do know partially what causes this. Way too much internet. As soon as I started having issues TTC, I went straight to the internet and learned way too much. Of course, there is no filter to block horror stories on the internet. I've read way too many depressing pregnancy stories, which are probably very isolated, but to me they seem so common and possible. Yes, I do need a therapist. Do you know one that's near my house? :)

Alright, I'm off to use my heart monitor!


Tara said...

I know what you mean Melissa. I will never forget my first get together after I announced my pregnancy. The group of friends knew it had taken us a good year to get preggo, and one couple announced their pregnancy and said all the guy had to do was stand next to HIS wife, and bam she was pregnant! It really embarrassed me because it felt like they were implying my husband wasn't a real man and that guy was. anyway...yeah, the IF issues never really disappear...

Well, glad to hear you are doing well and baby is hiccuping :) mine did too and let me warn you now, he/she will probably hiccup a lot after they're born if they do it alot in utero. :)

BBColt78 said...

Hahahaha! Thanks Tara! I survived the shower! Even though it was four hours long! hehehehe