August 12, 2010

**Sigh** A Scary Evening

Last night = not fun. I had my first (and hopefully last) pregnancy scare. I went to the bathroom (like I do every hour on the hour) and I had red blood and some light cramping. Not cool. Immediately the worst is coming to mind. I had about two "wipes" full and then it was gone. I freaked. Mr. Later Than Most was there to calm me and we agreed that I would call my RE in the morning.

This morning I gave them a call right away, but I got the IVF nurse's voicemail. Within an hour, I didn't have a call back. That was a little odd considering the situation and I knew that bloodwork would have to be in by 9:30am, so I called again. This time I was able to talk to the IVF nurse. I was so mad at myself because I cried on the phone with her. She reassured me that bleeding could be very normal, but since I was feeling crappy, she let me go in for a an ultrasound.

Mr. Later Than Most met me there from work. The ultrasound tech said everything looked great. The little heart was beating away, the baby measured right on track, and she saw no bleeding internally. After meeting with her, the IVF nurse came in and talked to us about our situation. She assured me that bleeding is common and it doesn't have to mean anything. She said it could be blood vessels, the suppositories I'm using, or a slew of non important things. They sent me home on 72 hours bed rest to be extra cautious.

One would think that I'd feel so much better after hearing a good report. I'm a little better, but just worried. I know there is NOTHING I can do. What will be, will be. But either way, it just plain sucks. Lucky for you, you'll be getting a lot of Later Than Most blogs while I sit in bed until Sunday.


Christina said...

:-( blood is always scary no matter what..even if it is "normal" I am sure all was fine. They say once you see the h.b. that the chance of m/c drops I'm sure you are fine. oh and thanks again to you and melissa for the cupcakes you all rock!

Lauren said...

I'm so sorry! At least your RE office was able to calm your nerves a bit with the ultrasound. Crossing my fingers for you.. :)