August 4, 2010

Anniversary Tomorrow

I swear this is been an interesting week (Thursday to Thursday). I'll have that BFP and one week will bring me straight to my anniversary, which is tomorrow! MH and I will be married for 3 years. Actually, it seems like forever. . . we met at 19 and we are both 32. We don't have any huge plans (that's just the way we roll), but I'm making him take me to dinner. Not that I have a taste for anything lately, but I saw this cute place called The Country House, and I want to see what it's like.

On the BFP front, today is actually 5 weeks. I know that is nothing, but right now each week is an accomplishment. I got a little excited when I read on my forum that many girls were getting morning sickness at 5 weeks. I'd love that reassurance (in a weird way).

Other than that, I have some sleepless nights lately. I toss and turn, followed by being wide awake, which is fun at 2am. It's not the IF Devil, so I'm not sure what it is. I do know that I'm freaking hot all the time (progesterone) and that makes me toss and turn. Poor Mr. Later Than Most, our air has been on at a steady 71 degrees. That'll be a fun bill!

I'm excited to see 20 followers. Although, I don't feel like I've been too entertaining on my blogs lately. Hopefully I can spice things up a bit for the readers :)

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eber12 said...

Happy Anniversary tomorrow.