August 21, 2010

Kohl's: More Than You Bargained For

I need new school clothes. My bloat makes me look pregnant, so I'm on a mission to hide it. Of course Mr. Later Than Most thinks it's so cute and claims it's all baby and not bloat (boy, he really needs to read a baby book!). Actually, I love that he thinks that!

So I went to Kohl's as one of my stops. I figured I'll look for more flowy type tops so no one notices my stomach after lunch. I walked around and around and figured I would drop into the maternity section when I was done as a last resort. I know I don't need maternity clothes, but I've heard about those maternity pants that have a regular waist and those would be fab. Well, I was hit by a nice clearance when I went into the maternity section. I tried a bunch of stuff on (because it was so cheap) and duh, the stuff made me look pregnant. So, I did buy one denim maternity skirt because it was only $15 bucks and a denim skirt is good for all seasons of teaching.

After finding a couple of other items in the women's section, I made my way to the checkout. My cashier was kinda like Mrs. Rogers would be. I watched her thumb through my stuff. As she came to the maternity skirt, she eyed me up and down, looked at the inside tag, pointed to it and said, "Does this mean anything?" Um, huh? What what the heck was she talking about?

Me: Yea.

Cashier: Oh, when are you due?

Me: Not for a long time. April 6th.

Cashier: Oh, I think you should just tell people April 1st. (Wow, that's weird, but thanks?)

Me: (smiling and biting tongue)

Cashier: Can I give you some advice for when the little one is born?

Holy shit. I'm like 7 weeks pregnant and this lady is already planning the birth. I wanted to tell her that I'm just trying to make it to week 8, but what the heck am I going to say with a line full of people who are now eyeing me up and down?

Me: Sure.

Cashier: When your baby is born, go get the newspaper and seal it to preserve it. Also, collect all of the coins from that year and put them in a plastic box. Then, your child will have the news baby and some coins from their birth!

WOW! Now, that was very sweet of her of course, but really? LOL My friends know that I'm not good with unsolicited advice. I don't know why, it's like a personality flaw. I mean, if it's good advice then I love it, but normally it just rubs me the wrong way. In this instance, I just thought it was really interesting. I felt guilty enough buying a maternity skirt at 7 weeks. From now on, I will take my purchases to a male cashier. Men will not give parenting advice to a woman, right? LMAO

Gotta love Kohl's.


Skaggs Family said...

BAH HAHA! that is too funny and awkward all at the same time! i would DEF stick with male cashiers from now on! don't feel bad buying maternity clothes, you are PREGNANT! especially if its on sale!

BBColt78 said...

Heheheehe, thanks! Yes, male cashiers will be my new "go to." LOL